31 May

Five reasons the drum shades are a lovely piece

When it comes to lampshades, everyone is jostling for the best in the market.  From the simple rules of selection to using tastes and preferences, lampshades come in all shapes and sizes, but you have to be careful on how you pick out your piece. Drum shades are some of the most popular – and most of the aesthetic houses will have one or two – primarily because of personal preferences or because they flow in well with the theme. Over the years, drum shades have grown in popularity, and more and more people are continuously opting for them. But why? Here are some of the top reasons drum shades remain some of the most popular and most loved pieces around the planet. More

30 May

Top six reasons you need to hang a chandelier in your home

When it comes to the unrivalled beauty of houses with chandeliers hanging from their roofs, little opposition can be realized. It is not for the fact that they were meant to be adored, but chandeliers have something with them that makes the darling of designers all around the globe. Coming in all shapes and designs, there is more to chandeliers than what meets the eye and their beauty have been glorified for ages. With some of them having historical significance, we can just overestimate the contribution of chandeliers to the whole appeal of the room. Here are six reasons you need a chandelier in your roof. More

24 May

Is it time for chandelier repair?

The sight of a chandelier gracefully lighting up a room for its occupants is one that lives no eye unturned. Chandeliers are loved for the sweet design, their age as well as the vested value and the messages they communicate about the owner. Chandeliers have the capacity to ramp up the design of any building into something stunning, but that does not mean they are eternally beautiful and operation. They also grow weary and fade – sometimes even go out completely. And when such times come knocking on your favorite antique. You always need to seek for chandelier repair services with reputable firms. But when exactly do you need to go looking for chandelier repair services? More

23 May

Important facts for your expert LED needs

LEDs combine the beauty of light and the beauty of color to give a more appealing sense of vision – and driving down the costs of lighting as well. For a business, switching from energy hungry HIDS lighting systems to the economical LED is a very much logical step to make – but this migration sis not as simple as the obvious. LED lighting systems tend to be a little complicated – and the right pick may not be so straight forward, so before you move to purchase one – ensure that you have the right information to allow you make that decision. Experts at The Light Switch went through the most critical issues pertaining to LED systems and pieced up the following list for you, just in case you need some advice. More

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23 May

Everything you always wanted to know about switches

The switch is one of the most fundamental elements for any electrical circuit system, and it also doubles as one of the easiest to overlook component in such set ups. Every home has more than a single switch, with all homeowners operating these switches on a daily basis, even several times a day without really appreciating the role these components play in making life with electricity better. Switches are some of the easiest to operate in an electrical system and more so they do not demand for any fancy equations just to evaluate their conditions – all you have to do with a switch is select between open and closed. That’s all. So simple, but how could you manage current flow in your home without switches? More

18 May

How to choose authentic antique crystals

Antique crystals are coveted not just for their beauty but for their age as well, having withstood the test of time and proven their quality over ages. The manufacture and design of antique crystals started over hundreds of years back – with numerous designers and manufacturers giving their shots each. These designs came in all sizes, shapes and textures – and while that gave us the variety that we all wanted, it now complicates the process of picking genuine and authentic antique crystals from counterfeits and mere glass. More

16 May

Key processes we perform when we rewire chandeliers

Chandeliers are an important addition of beauty in homes, hotels and other buildings – often having historical essence or otherwise ushering in a sense of calm, beauty and elegance to the establishment.  With all the beauty, chandeliers are a delicate addition to your building and will often need good maintenance to continue shining your home – and one such key process involves rewiring the chandelier to ensure the electrical current is reaching the bulbs properly and unhindered. More

11 May

Come enhance your antique lighting with us

Antique lighting can easily transform the shades in your home, add light and décor to it and make everything comfortably beautiful. But antique lighting have more value attached to them that makes them one of the most valuable items in any home – and as such must be treated as the gems of any illumination plan.   More

4 May

Five reasons you need a crystal lamp

There are perhaps thousands of reasons why every home should have a crystal lamp – with many of them having an important boost on health. Crystal lamps, used since medieval times, do have an important role to play in the home, away and far from the nice illumination that they add to the house. Perhaps a good number of people have not discovered these advantages yet, so here we discuss some of the most important roles that they play. More

3 May

How to ensure successful replacement part lighting?

Lighting fixtures will from time to time fail – either due to random chance or simply because they have served enough of their expected life time. at this point, you always need to do the necessary – the next logical step is to ensure you replace the malfunctioning parts which cannot be repaired. But is it all that what makes a successful replacement of lighting fixtures? Likely not, if you do not pay due attention to some basic form and function, you may find yourself doing more of replacements every day without any tangible progress. Here are some of the simple guidelines that will ensure you conduct successful replacement part lightings in your home. More