23 Jun

Repair fixture: What is on the menu?

Times have changed and the cost of living is quickly skyrocketing – yet the impact on the environment from human activity is also taking a heavy toll on the environment. This is why it is always recommended to make repairs than make new purchases outright – apart from the economic sense of it where it applies.  Lighting systems are one beautiful element in our buildings – but they are also susceptible from failures from time to time – which call in the reputable services of professional repairs. The Light switch offers a number of lighting fixture repairs to its customers – and the list below, although not exhaustive, offers a quick insight of the services we provide. More

22 Jun

Top five places to hang your pendant lights

Pendant lights are some of the most revered lighting pieces for any residential home. Their beauty, design and all that comes with them make them a powerful way to reinforce the design of your home, add up elegance and sophistication to your theme while ensuring that delicate illumination still pierces through the room. But this beauty is not always obvious, you have to know how best to make use of this seller pieces before they can bring out the best in them. If you have already purchased your favorite pendant lights then here are the five best places you can choose to hang them for that lovely look. More

21 Jun

How to choose lampshades appropriate for your lamp and setting

Lampshades have the important capability to argument any home design and set up into something awesome – primarily by bringing out their shadow effect on the lamp, or source of light. Once you have picked up your most desired and beautiful lamp for the house then the next logical step is to get it the best and most appropriate lampshade, but this is not just a matter of pick and go.  Choosing the right lampshade has the capability to turn the most bogus lamp into something stunning, but a small mess here will dwarf even the beauty of the most exciting lamp, so you better go in aware of a few basic that will give you the right deal. More

20 Jun

Know the basics of dimmer selection

Dimmers are some of the most loved components in a home lighting system, performing and irreplaceable task in the circuit.  All said, you know that the best dimmer depends on the person selecting it, and how you select your dimmer could make or break the deal. A few years back the process of selecting the right dimmer was as simple as ABC simply because there were just a handful options available, you could still close your eyes and pick the right one for your needs. But times have changed, technological advancements have moved so rapidly and today the market is laden with more than enough options.  While this is in the interest of the diverse tastes and preferences that exist, it complicates the whole process of getting a dimmer appropriate for your home. Add on that power save option and the whole thing gets a little murky. More

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16 Jun

Benefits of silk and/or linen shades

Designers and homeowners know what makes a house stand out – it starts from the interior design of the house to the furnishing, then ends with lighting and other accessories in it. Even then, the differences between good designs and bad ones could be very thin lines, but these small differences could spell out stark contrasts that you can never mistake. Lampshades are one such important part of a house, and the choices you make will have outstanding impacts on the whole décor of your interior, and will seek to turn the most mediocre lamp into something outstanding, or reduce the most magnificent one into the worst mishaps of your interior set up. More

15 Jun

Simple ways floor lamps can make your life and room great

When it comes up to livening the mood, theme and style of your interior, floor lamps are among the countless options you have to make your goals come true.  While majority of the people believe in ceiling lights as the primary sources of light in a house, they are not just enough – and you can add beauty, elegance and style to the whole thing by having your house equipped with decent looking floor lamps. As these pieces take on new trend, here is a quick look into the ways floor lamps can change the way you view things in your room. More

7 Jun

Should you take that light repair any serious?

Light is one of the few things that make a home more beautiful and habitable, but most people do not appreciate this until the lights go off and they are blanketed by a deep layer of darkness. Oh! But you should have seen those signs coming, when the lights started flickering and dimming, then the corridor light went off first, and a few days later the security light also surrendered. This is the time you run to the electrician and have them make some quick repairs for you – because you might soon be having a party and you don’t want your visitors to get this spell of darkness looming over your house. But are there any reasons why you need to take light repairs any serious? Yes, here they are! More

6 Jun

Top 7 reasons you need to switch to LED bulbs

As technology has sought to change the way we do things, so has it sought to change the way we light and illuminate our environment and houses. Bulbs LED are fast replacing the traditional and conventional bulbs that have been is use for decades now, and for those still relying on conventional lighting bulbs, they are gradually sliding into the minority group. But even as this trend takes up the industry by storm, it’s prudent to evaluate the benefits of LED bulbs, which ensures that you make strategic moves rather than intuitive decisions. Here are some of the top benefits that LED bulbs guarantee their users. More

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6 Jun

How to get it right with contemporary light fixtures

The modern world has brought in more style and more options – and this has enhanced the way people do their lighting in the home. Contemporary light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, designs and texture –ensuring that you get what you want and how you want it. But is this sea of options guarantee that your house will be super sparkling immediately you have a dozen pieces installed? Not necessarily so – in fact you could get the wisdom of interior design on its head if you are not careful – and mixing up things could do more harm than good. More