30 Oct

The secret appeal of silk and linen lampshades

When it comes to making a home stand out, there is no one single thing that can satisfy the principle of one size fits all. The best houses epitomize on every other important front that be – from ensuring the best design at the construction stage, using the best construction materials and procedures, and then furnishing up the house to its best and ensuring optimal lighting systems. The fact that lighting systems come last means more than less, because a mishap on these will mean negating all the good things already achieved, but a good show can epitomize some of the subtle mistakes and turn the focus to the most beautiful parts of the house.


25 Oct

When should you consider rewiring an antique lamp?

Antique lamps are almost in every house that espouses itself as a home of class. They are there in home of the rich, the home of high figures, the home of those who love tradition and those who love to make a home worth a title in the places where they live. The reasons that inform this high regard of antique lamps dates back to centuries of time, with many of those who love to stock antique lamps doing so for different passions and reasons. One of the things that do inform the love for these pieces of hardware is the fact that they have a traditional taste to them, and most of them are not just traditional but also symbolic in every other aspect. And there are those who love them because of their sophisticated architecture, the fine touch and the unrivaled appeal that comes with them.


20 Oct

Important processes in restoring a lamp or chandelier

Chandeliers have long been famed for their graceful glow that lights up even the coldest hours of the day. For most people with chandeliers in their home, they hold a far much significance symbolic meaning to their presence rather than just being lighting accessories that can be pulled down and replaced by new ones. And chandeliers can complement even the most complicated interior landscape, but they also have times when they grow weary and dim out. At such times their long held glory seems to depart from them, and you must be keen enough to resurrect them back to life if you intent to continue enjoying their services.


15 Oct

When is it time to repair a socket?

The socket is the mother of electrical wiring in any such set up. Many people do not understand the critical role that the sockets on their walls play in the whole electrical wiring system, with its work being just as simple as plug and play. However, it goes further and deeper than just being that simple gadget you plug in your appliance – and without it, mark my words, it would be near impossible for you to run that television set, do the ironing and most other tasks, because it is thorough this appliance that you manage to tap your benefits home. Like any other component of the electrical system running through your premises, you will need to repair it from time to time. But when exactly do you need to repair your socket? Here are a few options.


10 Oct

Reasons you need regular fixture repair

Lighting fixtures play a critical role in lighting systems, both in homes and in commercial establishments. Like any other mechanical component prone to wear and tear as well as increasing probability of failure with age, lighting fixtures do need repair from time to time. From doing the cleaning to replacing worn-out components, repair needs to be a priority translated into a need rather than a want. Most people do not give it a thought until the fixtures grind to a halt and they are plunged into thick blanket of darkness. However, for the wise bunch, repair is not only going to be triggered by systems shutting down, it is a regular maintenance practice that they faithfully observe. Well, why do you need to enlist repair of your fixtures as a regular task rather than a once in a crisis event? Here are a few reasons.


7 Oct

The beauty of a recovered lampshade

There are those lampshades that have already seen their better days and almost resigned to fate of the aging years. But lampshades are often beautiful pieces, and some people just form too strong bonds that cannot be done away with come rain or shine. To that effect they love their lampshades like nobody’s business. Well, but what can you do against the overbearing reach of a deteriorating lampshade? At times you may be forced to think that you can just sit back and wait for fate to take its course, but Alas! You always have one thing or two you can do to reverse this situation. Ever heard of a recovered shade lampshade? Today I bring you the good news you have been longing to hear.


1 Oct

Factors to consider when mounting custom lamp chandeliers

When it comes to custom chandeliers, there are all reasons that make them stellar pieces in the lighting industry. Not just for being the very decisions you make yourself to stand out in a crowded field of other conventional shapes and styles, but because they are customized to your own liking you will also need to take extra care on how you install them. The beauty and ambience created by custom chandeliers depends solely on how you fix them, where you fix them and how you want them to light up the areas you target. For you to get the best out of your new custom chandeliers, you will need to learn some form and function about mounting of these important pieces. Below are some of the key issues you must put into consideration when mounting chandeliers.