13 Nov

Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

The Light Switch Miami is the place we meticulously rewire, repair, resurface, clean, and reestablish every one of your lights and lighting apparatuses. Our master group of refinishers, experts, polishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or antique lighting installation and take it back to its previous lighting transcendence. We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, revamping, cleaning, repair of broken parts, and finish lighting reclamation. Replacing old silk wiring in antique installations is a forte at The Light Switch. More

12 Nov

Recover your favorite lampshade

Do you have antique lights with shades that have gone through more promising times?

Do you have a lampshade that you simply love, or one that you have acquired and don’t have any desire to part with?

At The Light Switch Miami, our strength is light shade repair and rebuilding. To rebuild and recover a shade requires a specialist who is acquainted with complex hand sewing methods. More

11 Nov

220 to 110 Volt Conversion

A voltage converter (otherwise called a power converter or voltage transformer) is an electric power transformation gadget which is used to change the electrical yield of a power source. The most well-known use for these converters is to switch the voltage from 220 down to 110 volts, or from 110 volts up to 220 volts. At the point when an electronic gadget, machine or power apparatus was worked for a particular voltage which is not accessible, the main way the gadget can be utilized is by changing over the catalyst or down to the right level. The requirement for a voltage converter frequently emerges for individuals who travel abroad or take abroad getaways and carry gadgets alongside them. More

10 Nov

LED Bulb Expert and Specialist

LED lighting in homes is invigorating, alluring and charming, and has an engaging contemporary touch. Light independently coordinated to you as a home owner. Whether youthful or old, male or female – on account of LED, everybody can design an individual lighting air in their own homes.

Our specialists at The Light Switch Miami are upbeat to help you design your indoor and garden lighting needs. Our accomplished lighting fashioners are available to come back to work with you on your lighting prerequisites for indoor and outside applications. More

9 Nov

Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers

Chandeliers in the past times were useful as lighting mechanical assemblies. They were utilized to light temples, convents, and enormous corridors. However, these days, they are to a greater degree an embellishment or a family trimming of even the most straightforward of houses. Lighting is there to supplement its general magnificence. Since this is the situation with chandeliers, it would be perfect to say that it will require steady watch over it to hold its unique magnificence and radiance. More

7 Nov

Mounting Custom Lamp Chandelier

Lighting is the most essential components of your home`s plan. It serves numerous purposes, for example, providing safety, helping with performing family unit assignments, making an air for engaging, etc. Most importantly else, lighting is wonderful, and incredible lighting will breathe life into your home.

Cutting edge, carefully outlined home chandeliers today have shifted plans and configurations, with each contrasting in their styles and patterns. More

5 Nov

Rewiring Antique Lamps

Are You in Need of Repair Services of Antique Lamps?

The wiring staff at The Light Switch have years of experience giving light repair and rewiring services. We give fundamental rewiring and rebuilding to table lights, floor lights, sconces and roof installations. We can analyze your wiring issue and give an exact idea to alter your light. More

3 Nov

Repairing sockets

Sockets can either be surface or flush-mounted. It’s less demanding to surface-mount electrical fittings, yet the flush-mounted adaptations look better and are less inclined to cause accidental damage.

Before adding an attachment to your electric circuit, you should guarantee that it will be consistent with IEE electrical directions, and set up whether the circuit will require RCD assurance.


1 Nov

Repairing lighting fixtures

By introducing another lighting fixture, or simply altering the one you have as of now, you can make a close moment change in any room of your home. Rather than doing it without anyone else’s help—something that is confounded and tedious, as well as possibly risky—let our home experts at The Light Switch Miami do it for you. We can visit your home and add esteem and style to any territory of your home.