13 Nov

Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

The Light Switch Miami is the place we meticulously rewire, repair, resurface, clean, and reestablish every one of your lights and lighting apparatuses. Our master group of refinishers, experts, polishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or antique lighting installation and take it back to its previous lighting transcendence. We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, revamping, cleaning, repair of broken parts, and finish lighting reclamation. Replacing old silk wiring in antique installations is a forte at The Light Switch. More

30 May

Top six reasons you need to hang a chandelier in your home

When it comes to the unrivalled beauty of houses with chandeliers hanging from their roofs, little opposition can be realized. It is not for the fact that they were meant to be adored, but chandeliers have something with them that makes the darling of designers all around the globe. Coming in all shapes and designs, there is more to chandeliers than what meets the eye and their beauty have been glorified for ages. With some of them having historical significance, we can just overestimate the contribution of chandeliers to the whole appeal of the room. Here are six reasons you need a chandelier in your roof. More

24 May

Is it time for chandelier repair?

The sight of a chandelier gracefully lighting up a room for its occupants is one that lives no eye unturned. Chandeliers are loved for the sweet design, their age as well as the vested value and the messages they communicate about the owner. Chandeliers have the capacity to ramp up the design of any building into something stunning, but that does not mean they are eternally beautiful and operation. They also grow weary and fade – sometimes even go out completely. And when such times come knocking on your favorite antique. You always need to seek for chandelier repair services with reputable firms. But when exactly do you need to go looking for chandelier repair services? More

16 May

Key processes we perform when we rewire chandeliers

Chandeliers are an important addition of beauty in homes, hotels and other buildings – often having historical essence or otherwise ushering in a sense of calm, beauty and elegance to the establishment.  With all the beauty, chandeliers are a delicate addition to your building and will often need good maintenance to continue shining your home – and one such key process involves rewiring the chandelier to ensure the electrical current is reaching the bulbs properly and unhindered. More