18 May

How to choose authentic antique crystals

Antique crystals are coveted not just for their beauty but for their age as well, having withstood the test of time and proven their quality over ages. The manufacture and design of antique crystals started over hundreds of years back – with numerous designers and manufacturers giving their shots each. These designs came in all sizes, shapes and textures – and while that gave us the variety that we all wanted, it now complicates the process of picking genuine and authentic antique crystals from counterfeits and mere glass. More

4 May

Five reasons you need a crystal lamp

There are perhaps thousands of reasons why every home should have a crystal lamp – with many of them having an important boost on health. Crystal lamps, used since medieval times, do have an important role to play in the home, away and far from the nice illumination that they add to the house. Perhaps a good number of people have not discovered these advantages yet, so here we discuss some of the most important roles that they play. More