20 Jun

Know the basics of dimmer selection

Dimmers are some of the most loved components in a home lighting system, performing and irreplaceable task in the circuit.  All said, you know that the best dimmer depends on the person selecting it, and how you select your dimmer could make or break the deal. A few years back the process of selecting the right dimmer was as simple as ABC simply because there were just a handful options available, you could still close your eyes and pick the right one for your needs. But times have changed, technological advancements have moved so rapidly and today the market is laden with more than enough options.  While this is in the interest of the diverse tastes and preferences that exist, it complicates the whole process of getting a dimmer appropriate for your home. Add on that power save option and the whole thing gets a little murky. More

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6 Jun

Top 7 reasons you need to switch to LED bulbs

As technology has sought to change the way we do things, so has it sought to change the way we light and illuminate our environment and houses. Bulbs LED are fast replacing the traditional and conventional bulbs that have been is use for decades now, and for those still relying on conventional lighting bulbs, they are gradually sliding into the minority group. But even as this trend takes up the industry by storm, it’s prudent to evaluate the benefits of LED bulbs, which ensures that you make strategic moves rather than intuitive decisions. Here are some of the top benefits that LED bulbs guarantee their users. More

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23 May

Important facts for your expert LED needs

LEDs combine the beauty of light and the beauty of color to give a more appealing sense of vision – and driving down the costs of lighting as well. For a business, switching from energy hungry HIDS lighting systems to the economical LED is a very much logical step to make – but this migration sis not as simple as the obvious. LED lighting systems tend to be a little complicated – and the right pick may not be so straight forward, so before you move to purchase one – ensure that you have the right information to allow you make that decision. Experts at The Light Switch went through the most critical issues pertaining to LED systems and pieced up the following list for you, just in case you need some advice. More

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