21 Jun

How to choose lampshades appropriate for your lamp and setting

Lampshades have the important capability to argument any home design and set up into something awesome – primarily by bringing out their shadow effect on the lamp, or source of light. Once you have picked up your most desired and beautiful lamp for the house then the next logical step is to get it the best and most appropriate lampshade, but this is not just a matter of pick and go.  Choosing the right lampshade has the capability to turn the most bogus lamp into something stunning, but a small mess here will dwarf even the beauty of the most exciting lamp, so you better go in aware of a few basic that will give you the right deal. More

16 Jun

Benefits of silk and/or linen shades

Designers and homeowners know what makes a house stand out – it starts from the interior design of the house to the furnishing, then ends with lighting and other accessories in it. Even then, the differences between good designs and bad ones could be very thin lines, but these small differences could spell out stark contrasts that you can never mistake. Lampshades are one such important part of a house, and the choices you make will have outstanding impacts on the whole décor of your interior, and will seek to turn the most mediocre lamp into something outstanding, or reduce the most magnificent one into the worst mishaps of your interior set up. More

31 May

Five reasons the drum shades are a lovely piece

When it comes to lampshades, everyone is jostling for the best in the market.  From the simple rules of selection to using tastes and preferences, lampshades come in all shapes and sizes, but you have to be careful on how you pick out your piece. Drum shades are some of the most popular – and most of the aesthetic houses will have one or two – primarily because of personal preferences or because they flow in well with the theme. Over the years, drum shades have grown in popularity, and more and more people are continuously opting for them. But why? Here are some of the top reasons drum shades remain some of the most popular and most loved pieces around the planet. More

3 May

A little advice on choosing the right shade for your needs

Shades play a critical part in any lighting system – and beyond their beauty, the seek to complement and tie up the whole line of beauty and décor – so if you are looking out to have some then you just made the right decision.  They will come with that perfect finishing touch that will leave everything perfectly done – but there is some trap before you reach your goals. Didn’t you hear me that shades do come in all shapes and sizes, colors and texture, material and design? So you are just about to open a Pandora’s Box – and once you are able to go through this successfully, you will surely love the game. More