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light switch Miami


Antique Lamp Repairs

Antique lamps provides a sense of historical times in any home – and most of them have value that is so much vested in them and no owner would wish to see their lamps thrown out. But there comes those times when these valuables have seen their better days – slowly dimming and fading as the days go by. You have to find a solution, but where do you start?  You will definitely seek the services of expert antique lamp repairs, and where at The Light Switch we just want to see your antique lamp back to life. Conduct us for any of the following tasks, plus a whole lot more!

  • Repairs – Is your antique lamp misbehaving? Perhaps a component or two are just not working right, and you will need the intervention of skilled experts to get it back to the working days. We have been working on numerous antique lamps throughout our business days – and we have had the chance to handle almost all kinds of antique lamps that could have exited. We know our work well, and so you can trust us to get your valued antique lamp to its brighter days – so relax and let us do the job.
  • Replacements – we have truckloads of antique lamp parts that we keep in our stores. All of these parts have been selected cautiously to ensure they match the authentic look of the past eras that you could wish to see in your antique lamps. Should you have one of these parts dysfunctional and irreparable, then you can definitely bank on us to find the best replacement for you at no extra cost. We will check for the best replacement to ensure that the new part smoothly rolls into the older ones and keeps the same cool appearance as the original.
  • Maintenance processes – yes, you always need a health inspection of your antique lamp to see if it is in its best form, so why check elsewhere. From cleaning to replacing the loose parts, our experts will help ensure that your antique lamps continue to posses the same jam as they did years ago – and incase of any fault brewing below the water they will quickly let you know. This ensures that you do not suddenly lose your valued antique lamp for a problem that could have long been solved in its early stages, so come on and take the remedy.

That said, you can bank on The Light Switch experts to provide all the services you need for your antique lamps. From reviving the old antiques to build brand new ones using available parts, we are here to see that sorted out.  Replacing some parts won’t be a problem as our store has enough of them stocked for your use, and any time you need to lay your hands on a new antique lamp then you can just reach our stores.