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light switch Miami


Lamp Restoration Services

Having the right lamp in your room can complement the architectural design; add decor and ultimately make the whole mood for the room.  But what if your most loved lamp is dimming and fading? Restoring an old lamp is not the easiest thing to do – but it is worth the process if you love this lamp, more so if it holds a special place in your life. Finding the best lamp restoration services is key to ensuring that everything is done perfectly and within budget – yet such services need the best trained artisans and technicians to fit the bill. We at The Light Switch pride ourselves in the provision of national and international lamp restoration services, all of them aimed at seeing you continue enjoying the illumination of your most loved lamp. Here are some of the services we provide under lamp restoration.

  • Rewiring – old lamps do get out of use for many reasons – and one particular cause for the dimming could be faulty wiring, or simply a wiring that has fallen out with times because it has already seen its better days. Those wires need to be redone for a continued bright illumination, and here is where we start.
  • Repainting – once your lamp has already seen its better days, it is no doubt that it will lose its once coveted appearance, solely because the paint has rusted and fallen off. So why not have a new layer that mimics the original taking up its place? It will definitely return its glory with a bright look.
  • Switch installation and replacement – the switch is the make or break point for the current going through your lamp, and so a malfunctioning on its part will take down your loved source of light. Switches do fall out of use with time, and if your lamp has been used for sometime then it is better to get it replaced. Even then, a regular check to ensure that everything is working fine will be of great value.
  • Cleaning – we don’t mean to say that your lamp is too dirty, but it needs some cleaning once it has been in use for a while. But make no mistake, cleaning is not simply passing some cloth over the surface and tucking it back to position for use, a comprehensive session of cleaning will see an expert dismantle the whole thing and ensure that the inside is clean as well, not having a cup too bright on the outside and contaminated on the inside.
  • Shade replacement – If the shade is too old or poorly made then we will need to have it replaced. Luckily, our store has more than enough of shades, and we are going to look for one that perfectly resembles the original to keep its old view in place.
  • Polishing  Yes, if you need the lamp polished then we will ensure that is well done to its utmost. We want to ensure that the restored lamp is its perfected form of the original.