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light switch Miami


Lamp Shades

Landing on the right lampshade is a sure event to transform the look of your home with elegance and beauty – but achieving this task requires you to do a little bit of shopping around, it is not a very straight forward process. We at The Light Switch stock a wide range of lamp shades that you can choose from, and with our experts technicians on standby you can always count on them to choose what is right for your home.  But the confusing nature of lampshade picks – primarily because they come in all sorts of designs, colors, materials and much more means that only a thin line exists between the right shade and an absurd pick. But why exactly should you consider getting your lampshade from  The Light Switch? Here are a few things you should know.

  • We have variety – We know you would one to go through thousands of them before you pick the right one, unless you came with an already formed min – but even then the many modifications could prove interesting to give a second thought. Well, it also starts with what you want to achieve, if you are looking to reduce the piercing rays of an overhead light then our collection of ceiling shades will be a perfect place for you to start.  If you want some shade that will interact more interestingly with your light then cut out shades will be of great value to you, and you can choose among the different colors available.  These come with different geometrical shapes, floral designs and sizes, making it easy to pick the best fit for you.  And now finally if you would love the romantic feel of a light shade then candle shades are on offer. These plus numerous other categories of shades in our possession make us the one stop shop for your shades.
  • We provide repairs and replacements – after serving you with such a wide range of shades, we thought it would be a disservice to let you go around looking for someone to put in place your old shade. Who does not know that it is easier and economically sound to acquire a new shade than struggling with the old one? That is the case, but what of those shades that hold a special place in your eyes and heart – you definitely won’t want to throw them away – and that’s why we are here. We provide repairs on all kinds of shades – and our services use the best technologies and the most recent skills,, so come and see.
  • You didn’t find your shade? No problem. We will place a custom order for you. Because we don’t want to see you moving from shop to shop in search of your unique shade that you may not find. We will ensure that we capture all your specifications on the kind of shade that you want – and deliver what you wanted to you, so you have everything that you need to make your house awesome.