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light switch Miami


LED Bulbs and Accessories

The Light Switch has been one of the foremost retailers of custom lucite and lucite accessories for the home.

We also carry a selection of accessories, such as finialsand crystal parts.

A large selection of bulbs to fit your lighting needs is also in stock.


Do you want to control the ambiance of a room with the flick of a switch? As a well-known and reliable LED bulbs retailer, The Light Switch offers a broad spectrum of LED bulbs and other types of lighting products that are capable of transforming the overall feel and tone of a living space in an inimitable way.


Our LED collection is really vast and you can discover the suitable one that meets your specific needs. We guarantee admirable energy efficiency for our LED products. You can find them in different forms, shapes, styles and designs as well.


The Light Switch offers LED lights that perform different functions such as ambient lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting. We sell products that are equipped with admirable features and benefits. Our LED versions always stand tall in terms of light output, power consumption, efficacy, color accuracy and color temperature.