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light switch Miami


Specialist Repairs

Lights and related appliances play a crucial role in lighting up the home – and a failure of these appliances can bring a dark day to your premises – so you always have to be on the watch out. The Light Switch stands as Miami’s best and most renowned light repair service – serving internationally and nationally for over 36 years – which brings them the wealth of experience, skill and reputation for the varied outstanding works that we have accomplished over our work time.  doubling up as a custom lights operation as well as a custom lights retailer – we provide almost all services in the line of custom lights sales and repairs whenever you need them, so check on us for the following.

  • Lamp repairs – we have been providing lamp repair services since 1956 – and the counties of Miami and Broward have enjoyed and come to love as well as appreciate our expertise in this field, we believe that your lamp is never dead – perhaps it just gets a little sick and the right diagnosis and handling from our experts will bring it back to life again – leaving it shining bright like before. Our lamp repair services include polishing, plating, ceramic repairs, glass repairs as well as rewiring.  And this repair bundle also includes conversion of 220V to 110V, refinishing and expert work on chandeliers as well.
  • Lamp mounting – yes, that tricky of lamp mounting arises from time to time, but it should not be much of a worry when you are able to conducts our experts at The Switch Light – because we have more than enough staff specialized and dedicated to this work. We have set up a whole department on its to just deal with the services of lamp mounting – and we do everything lamp mounting including but not limited to Lucite vases, oriental crystal and cutting bases to your own specifications and liking. We also have the needs of wicker lovers catered for – we have services for that sector as well, including mounting and wiring.  We have assorted colors available that you can choose from – and we also tailor the custom shades depending on your own tastes and preferences.
  • Service guarantee – we know our job well, and we never make running away from responsibility part of our policy. We guarantee a job well done according to the specifications, and our services always come with a guarantee – to ensure that you do not get bogged down while we do the work,. We will always ensure that everything is well and perfectly done before we move to our next job. What else? Trust the experts at The Light Switch to do the work while you sit back and relax.
  • Office/home repair is available – you may bring your antiques to our offices for repair – we are opening up from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM every day from Monday to Saturday. But what happens if you have quite a bulk of antiques and appliances to be sorted out? No problem, simply visit our office or give us a call to see if we can come to your premises and get work done. We are at your service.