1 Feb

Benefits of LED chandeliers

The emergence of LED technology seems to have taken the industry by storm. Homes, business firms and governments are quickly switching and adopting this form of lighting as the solution to their illumination problems, and dramatically dumping the traditional and conventional lighting systems for the well-known benefits of LED lights. Home lighting seems to have stolen the bigger portion of thunder from this new development; many homes are now being equipped with LED lights. But what is more interesting is the fact that we are now having a new trend characterized by the emergence of LED lights. Here are some of the benefits guaranteed by LED chandeliers that will make your heart melt.

Unrivalled beauty – chandeliers have long been glorified because of their beauty and age, and the special messages that they communicate about the house whenever they are strategically hang in specific p-laces. There is this kind of calm that comes with the glow of chandeliers, their design and soft light. Hanging a chandelier right at the centre of the room creates an epic centre of attention, and categorically changes the matrix of the interior. Now with LED technology, you can add more pomp and color to the matrix and the result is stunning beauty.

Get the sophistication and cut costs – chandeliers are known for their unique designs and sophistications. From traditional models to the modern contemporary chandeliers modeled on specific features to pass a message, chandeliers do not have a match in their sophistication. A major drawback on majority of the light systems is the prohibitive replacement cost of replacement and maintenance. However, LED technology takes away this worry, for Chandeliers based on Led technology have a lifespan close to twenty times that of conventional lighting systems. This gives them a cutting edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of their sturdiness.

Have you ever imagined wireless lighting technology? What of the ability to switch between different lighting colors with just a press of a button. Led technology has revolutionized the style of illumination, with remote controls and multiple color lighting systems, where you can switch from a soft white light to an ambient blue light just with a remote control device. Depending on the specific need you want to use the light for, you can transition your chandelier between different kinds of lights with much ease. This allows you a multiple lighting system of the same device.

Finally, with LED chandeliers, you get to use a beautiful but environmental friendly lighting technology. With near negligible ray emissions, Led chandeliers are not only beautiful but also much safer than conventional lighting systems. They do not come loaded with chemical elements that are potentially hazardous, and with this you reduce the impact on the environment, get to stay in a safer home as well and have your lighting needs well taken care off. So what are you really waiting for? Grab your Led chandelier and head home. You will not regret your decision at the end of the day. I guarantee it!

28 Jan

Our Lighting Repair Services

Lighting is one of the most important components of any building – whether it’s a residential establishment or a business building. Lighting adds to the total charm of the whole building, helps to create a sense of visibility and aids in this visibility – as well as helping to invigorate the design and beauty of the whole place that is lit up – that is why everyone celebrates the rise of the sun every morning – and is a unique and exciting moment that happens every day. But then the lights we install in our buildings are not all that super good – they do not last forever – and they are not super-good – they do fail from time to time – often calling for repairs or replacements, sometimes both.

Having lights working at their optimal is one good thing you can do to your building and its users, whether it business or residential. Definitely, no client is going to find a poorly lit business room as a pleasant place to be – and they will surely not give you that deal. No one loves to come home to a dark mansion – for you not what awaits you in there. And if you don’t have enough lights around your building then the number of unwanted visitors is going to spike – including small time thieves who want to check if you are in to some nocturnal creatures looking for a meal – including but not limited to raccoons.

We at The Light Switch pride ourselves in giving exemplary lighting repair services to our clients for over thirty six years now – and all of these years have been marked with exemplary recognition and excellence. Whether your lights simply started flickering unpleasantly, slowly faded away or have decided to go unresponsive, we are here to help. Our group of experts knows their job well, and they have been doing it over and over – so they will as well do this one well with utmost perfection.

Drop to our offices or give us a call, you can also choose to email us about your lighting repairs and one of our professionals will get back to you. Call us for one or more of the below lighting repair services if you need our help.

  • Restoring – some lighting appliances misbehaving? No problem, we will get them back to position and working order
  • Rewiring – loose wires or the current ones have burnt out? We will get that sorted – we will tighten up things, replace the wiring and ensure they are not short circuiting or causing some other risky mess
  • Polishing
  • Refinishing
  • Ceramic repairs
  • Glass repairs
  • Plating and much more

With proper tolls and skills, experts at The Light Switch will ensure that you have your lights back in pl;ace and in time. we also have our trucks loaded with all spare parts incase any of the items may need replacements – so everything is done on site and completed within schedule.

25 Jan

What we offer for light shades

Are looking for a way to revitalize the décor of your room then light shades could be the best way to do that. Easy, quick and much more affordable in comparison to other accessories needed to bring on the same effect, light shades are a perfect way for you to ensure that your house displays the beauty, elegance and calmness that will soothe your hear and leave your emotions nicely pampered. We at the Light switch have one of the most wide-ranging collection of light shades that could just be having what you need, we are sure that what you are looking for is in our possession, so why wander anywhere else?

Do not forget that when it comes to light shade retailing, we are a household name. we have been providing light shade to people in Miami and the surrounding states for over thirty years now – and all along we have sought to understand the customer needs, tastes and preferences, so you don’t need to worry about your satisfaction anymore. With a well-trained technical team, we can help you identify the best light shade according to your need and home décor – and should anything go wrong we are always on standby to help you repair or replace, whatever fits the bill.

And there are those times that you shop around from store to store and you can just find exactly what you are looking for. So you have hit a dead end and there is no more light ahead? No, that does not happen with us. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our stores then we will help you find it – we can place a custom order for you – so that at the end of the day you go home with what you came for, not a relative of it!

And light shade repairs is another name for us, when your light shade starts to behave not as it should. We have been providing light shade repairs through our years of operation – and we are accustomed to almost every design of lightshade, regardless of its age or place of origin, we will get you sorted out. We know that it sometimes gets to a point when you want to throw out that light shade and get a new one, but what if the malfunctioning light shade holds some special significance to you? This is where our services come in handy!

And finally, retail and repair is not all we do, there are other many service under the light shades in our house, so you can come and have a look. From replacements to spare parts, fabrics and cleaning, we provide a whole spectrum when it comes to the world of lighting shades. Whether you need your lighting shade redone, installed a fresh or a new thing added or adjusted, we are here to help. We ensure that you get the best out of your lighting shade, so don’t let anything hold you down from enjoying the best.

22 Jan

How to get it right with electric light fixtures

When darkness falls, man is always seeking for light – for the good for it and for the continued sustenance of his various activities that require adequate illumination. From decoration to illumination, reinforcing architectural designs to highlighting the best things and dimming faults on the interior of the house, lights are some of them most vital elements of any well designed human dwelling. Most at times we have to purchase new light fixtures – either from fresh installation, as replacements or so on and so forth. Despite this, you may still meet a few disappointments with your fixtures failing shortly after installation. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you follow a few basic rules of play then you should be able to land on quality electric light fixtures that will be a fine deal for you. Here are the basics.

  • Genuine parts are worth the price – stop going for imitations and counterfeits as a cheap alternative to the original, they are counterfeits just because they cannot match the original. Electric light fixtures are no simple fix and if you want to enjoy their services then you will have to dig deep and do research on which is best. Counterfeits are largely fabricate, have been hurried through the manufacturing process and have not been subjected to the rigorous testing standard to last as long as they should. Even if it means you have to move through two or three shops to gain reputable brand, is worth the effort, original fixtures may cost more, but they last longer and have a lower failure rate. You will also get guarantees on this items which is much safer if you making bulk purchases.
  • Respect figures, understand specifications – ignoring specifications is just as bad as ignoring figures when you doing a budget, it will really burst on your head. Specifications provide the baseline thresholds of different equipment and using items outside this range is recipe for failure. It is important that every time you want to make purchases on electric light fixtures you confirm the various specifications on each item. This serves to ensure that you buy items that are not only compatible but also meet the working thresholds for the entire system. What if you know little about the so called wattage and whatever terms used for electrical apparatus? Simply check with your electrician!
  • Expert advice is vital -while it may be be your sole responsibility to buy those items, you are definitely going to need expert help to piece up these items and ensure they are working properly. But why should you make those purchases before an electrician tells you half of your items do not match the other half? Definitely you want to avoid such scenarios. I advise you ask a competent electrician about what you need and whether they are all compatible before you move up. This means fewer hitches in the steps to follow. It will also ensure that all items you buy meet good standard for safety and use.
19 Jan

Top five decorative lights that you must have

Light systems add up pomp and décor to the whole interior, and having a number of them well mixed and correctly installed will add a good deal of sophistication to your house. From color to the design and ambience provided by different lighting systems, lights not only serve the purpose of illumination but also add to the decoration of the home as well as reinforcing various aspects of architecture. Remember that not all lights are decorative lights, some are primarily for illumination, while others serve more the purpose of decoration than the rest. And if you are looking out to decorate your house with lights rather than light it then here are the top five decorative lights you must give a good thought.

  • Pendant lights – we all know how beautiful pendant lights are when hanged strategically in the home. You know the impression that pendant lights can create when a number of them are hang gracefully over a coffee table, a dining table or a reading table. Move over that and get several identical pendant lights hang along the length of the hallway to create some street lighting – they actually bring in a structural and architectural element to their illumination. If you want lights that can double almost equally on decoration and illumination the pendant lights should rank highly on your list.
  • LED lights _ the emergence of Led lighting technology has been a God-sent intervention and reinforcement of the role of lighting in home decoration. Foret about the issues of light is white and move on – because now Led lighting systems allow you multiple lighting systems just in one. From switching colors to using wireless light control technologies, you can install blue, white and red lighting systems at your convenience – all of them in one system where you simply press a button and move to your favorite color as you desire.
  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers have been in use since the medieval times – but they have not fallen out of favor with man yet. Their illumination is nice, their sight is attractive and their glow magnificent. So what else do you need to define decorative lights? Better to say we now have LED chandeliers, which come with all the nice beauty of a chandelier with the multiplicative effect derived from the benefits of LED lighting technology. I though this should be nice enough.
  • Antique lighting – antique lighting pieces remain some of the highly sought after lighting pieces. From the special messages that they do portray to the beauty of having one or two hanging in your room, true antique lights are just as beautiful as the rareness portrays. Like chandeliers, antique lights help to create attractive centers of attention in the home, tie together the different architectural elements in your home and reinforce the best of all the unique plans associated with your interior. And if you know how to tie them together then chandeliers can work side by side with chandeliers to give you the best feel.
15 Jan

Benefits of custom lampshades

Lampshades have been in use for almost as long as human n=beings have known and used lamps. The first lamp shades seem to have been used in the eighteenth century to shield eyes from direct light of the wick from oil-burning lamps, but since then things have quickly changed as humans have embraced technology for their lighting needs. The advancement of custom shades in the recent days has served to complement the role of lampshades in the home, from merely serving to protect direct rays to the eye to playing a key role in enhancing interior design for the whole establishment.

Custom shades play an irreplaceable role of creating the right ambience in the room – whether it’s a romantic feel you need or just some cool light to enhance relaxation. Depending on the transparency of the lamp shade, for which custom shades provide almost an all range degree for it, you can get the kind of ambience that you need, it all depends on the exact theme that you want to create in the room. Instead of plunging the whole room into darkness, you can use an opaque lamp shade to get a very cool you to slowly slid into sleep while the room remains dimly lit throughout the night.

New color codes – Custom shades are longer the boring piece of shade that you were once used to. They now incorporate colors, apart from the varying degrees of transparency. If you want to create a romantic theme in your bedroom then you will prefer a custom lampshade with red and medially opaque, releasing small beams of light into the environment with drops of red in it. What a lovely seen! And it is not just red, from blue to orange and back to purple, you can always get the best color code for your design and setting.

And there is that other part of architectural sophistication – and lampshades are known to be one of the steller piece when it comes to propping up the elegance and architectural sophistication of your home. When it comes to custom shades, you have almost all options that you need – form shapes to sizes and deigns. Whether you need a square shade, oval shade or whatever shape, you can get it right on the list. And what else do you need when you have these options. You simply plan your interior so that the shade has a match for the base of the lamp or the table on which to place the lamp. This way, every element flows seamlessly with the whole design.

Get that light where you want it – custom shades, apart from helping you sieve the light to required levels, can help you direct the light where you need. It. If you need a reading light then you have just the right shade for that, if you need a bedroom light then you can get a shade just fir for that purpose. You do not want that light spilling everywhere and anywhere, and so if you need it concretatred on just a particular spot then here you have the solution.

10 Jan

Benefits of custom chandeliers

Chandeliers have been in use for home lighting and decoration for hundreds of years now, but there is no hard
evidence that their place is about to be taken up by new competitors. For their soft glow, their unique designs and
countless other things that make chandeliers loved and revered in homes, they still continue to rock to this day,
home designers and architects have always contemplated about better ways to reinforce the appeal of chandeliers –
and since the turn of the new century there has been a steady emergence of custom chandeliers. Custom chandeliers
come with numerous advantages that give them a cutting edge over the conventional ones, and here are some of these
reasons that you need to know.

  • Reinforced frames – what else matters most in matters of structure if it is not a strong, durable and stylish
    frame? Chandeliers have been loved – primarily because they are beautiful and create good centers of attraction in
    the home and secondly because they can outlast their lifespan, but this is only true when the primary frame is
    strong enough. Traditional chandeliers were made of different materials – but this did not include robust and
    rigorous tests to ensure a long lasting frame – which makes matters of longevity and life span an issue of random
    occurrence. However, modern custom chandeliers come with reinforced frames, tested against numerous backgrounds to
    ensure they can last you longer than you plan to use them.
  • New designs and more options – forget the days when chandelier designs were just but a handful and you had to do
    with a restricted list of options, custom chandeliers have given you the freedom to choose. There are now just as
    many chandelier designs as there are preferences, and you can be sure that you will have a field day looking at one
    design after another. You can have a different design of chandeliers for your kitchen, a whole new one for the
    living room, a different one for the dining room and another for the bedroom yet remain with more options, perhaps
    spaces are going to lack, options are available in plenty.
  • Options that match your interior – With the new custom chandeliers, you can tie up a whole trend from the tiles
    on your floor to the chandeliers hanging in the roof and the lampshades on your table. Whatever kind of interior you
    have, you can now find the perfect match among the countless options in the market – allowing you to build a whole
    match of lighting, furniture and interior designs that complement and reinforce each other.
  • New technologies – forget the thing of having to select from the same of list, custom, chandeliers have made it
    fun when it comes to home lighting. You can choose from the conventional chandeliers or go for the Led chandeliers,
    all of which serve to ensure you are enjoying a hassle free life when it comes to decorating and lighting up your
    house. And when you have an option to choose, you can always make a short list of benefits of each piece and see
    which one best outweighs the rest on key aggregate points!
6 Jan

Four reasons you will love the Flos brand

Every home owner is looking out to buy some of the newest and trendiest home lighting fixtures. There are numerous competing factors when seeking to land the big deal, but in this there also comes the issue of trusted brands. There are those brands that have served home owners better than the rest – and they continue to do so even to this day. Looking for your loved brand, especially if it stands for high quality standards and magnificent deigns can be a good thing. But what if you do not know some of the big names in the light fixture industry? Flos is one of the most famed household names in the light fixture industry. If you live or operate in Miami, Florida then you have at one time run into its products.

  • Enjoy an available brand – you do not have to walk all day looking for your brand like it is the best and free. A good brand is one that you can easily identify, it is known and available. Flos is available – and to attest to this you can simply walk into store and ask for this brand. It allows you the best buying experience by ensuring that its products are available and close to you. And why do you think most vendors stock this brand? It is because it is loved by buyers for its outstanding quality that has no equal.
  • Ramp up your interior with some of the best designs – Flos products reap from some of the excellent designs around the globe. Inspired by nature. Flos makes available some of the most breathtaking designs that will revolutionize how you view lighting fixtures as well as the whole aspect of interior design. Great designs ensure that you are always on top of the game with the highest level of sophistication you need. You have the option of choosing from the old conventional designs as well as the newest trends that are inspired by modern technology.
  • Super quality and long life – there is no value in a fixture that has the right sophistication but only lasts for a few weeks, it beats the logic as it becomes prohibitively expensive to keep replacing, repairing or restoring these fixtures. Flos brings you some of the most rigorously tested fixtures that will use for years. Flos products have been made to last for years, braving the different weather and other conditions to continue serving you as long as you need them with you.
  • Value for money – if there is one brand that brings you all the premium qualities of light fixtures at a cost friendly price then Flos pick this prime spot. You do not have to break your bank outs to have your house stand out, neither do you need to work too hard to finding something that fits your needs perfectly. Whether light shades or chandeliers, switches or sockets, lampshades or lamps, you can get everything you need.
3 Jan

Our Socket Repair Services

The socket forms an important connection between electrical appliances and the electrical current system – and majority of the people will not notice this important connection – for there is a matter of plug and with on – and they expect everything to run perfectly smooth. Well done! You don’t need to master every detail of what is going on behind every other system – but whenever a problem strikes the socket – it strikes at the heart of your electrical use patterns. Finding that your socket is producing sparks, switching between working and not working or having simply gone unresponsive would deal a major blow to your activities. Especially when you switch it on and it fails to do the necessary. Even then, you don’t need to be too much scared. Experts at The Light switch will do those rocket repairs pretty easily and quickly.

Note that the largest proportion of all electrical incidents starts with intrigues at the socket, and this attempting a do it yourself approach when dealing with these sensitive electrical component is risky. There are high chances of an electrical shock – and worst of it a fire may erupt if you mismatch the wires – so it is better not to attempt this risky adventure if you do not have the technical expertise to do it. However, experts at The Light Switch have been trained in all manner of sorts to deal with all issues relating to sockets – and most importantly in a safe and professional manner.

So why should you look for us when your socket starts misbehaving? Here are the five main services that we will provide to you under our label of socket repair, and all of them have the mark of quality and guarantee from experts.

  • Socket troubleshooting – your socket could be malfunctioning on its own, yes, but there are times when the problem lies elsewhere – like an incomplete circuit. An unresponsive socket could be a potential indicator of problems lying deep in the whole electrical system – and unless these are approached from a holistic point of view, the socket will not get any lasting remedy soon. Our experts will check the socket for any malfunctions – as well as conducting a general inspection to unearth any other problems with the electrical system that may contribute to socket blow and other issues.
  • Socket upgrades – so you have decided to revamp your mansion that you built some thirty years ago – and you are bringing in new electrical devices? Well, you will most likely need a new socket as well, not because the old one is out of use – but because your requirements have changed and the specifications on your old socket may not be sufficient to put up with the new system. Our experts will make these upgrades and help you install new sockets that can withstand the power demands of your new home.
  • Replacements and installations – if you have been making a new home then we can help you with speedy installation of sockets, or if you just need additional sockets in your home to cater for the burgeoning need of electrical supply. Our experts will also check malfunctioning sockets and get them back to a working condition.
29 Dec

Benefits of the socket 3 way

When it comes to lighting fixtures, almost every single fixture counts towards the end goal, you have to get it right. The socket 3-way design is one of the most loved, and continues to rock the industry with pop. It enjoys much from the additional third electrical conduct that it enjoys part from the three normal ones. These sockets do provide a convenient way of lighting method when it comes to choosing the best sockets that guarantee different levels of lighting on the platform; the three-way socket comes on top of the pile. The three way socket is always equipped with more electrical conducts than the conventional sockets, which allows it to make three different levels of illumination with ease.

But what really the 3 way socket a good choice for homeowners? Here are some of the key reasons

Convenience – it is almost obvious why this issue came top on the list, humans love to live in comfy spaces where almost everything is either swipe or touch and go – and this is almost the near replicate scenario created by the three way socket when it comes to lighting solutions. The three way socket allows you to change between three levels of light depending on the connections you make, allowing for simple, quick and faster adjustments to the lightning setting of the house without much hassle. And the comfort part is all about the changes on a single system, you don’t have to instill too many things to allow you adjust between these lights, so why not give a mark for that?

Cost savings – the second most important benefit when dealing with the three way socket involves cost savings. With a three in one socket, you are very well assured of enjoying rights far beyond the conventional two way sockets. As much as lighting remains an important aspect of any home set up, costs will always come in as a major undercutting factor, without which certain benefits have to be forfeited. However, the three way socket allows one to continue enjoying considerable adjustments in levels of illumination while they remain within budget, given that this piece is not too much of an investment for an ordinary citizen. It is quite cost effective.

Finally, the three way socket is one important piece that can best be described as a jerk of all trades; it fit for a diverse range of tasks. Different activities require different levels of illumination, and this is what the three way socket seeks to achieve. By giving you options to adjust illumination levels on a three way scale, we can primarily indicate that majority of the tasks fall into these three borad groups – including those that require bright light that is concentrated, medium light and low light. You may have some low light for tasks that do not require too much illumination, or when you just need to while away comfortable and slide into slumber. However, for those activities that may require a good portion of illumination, such as reading a novel, you may as well adjust to the second level. Finally when it comes to highlight tasks like sewing, you have the third rank there ready for you.