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Key processes we perform when we rewire chandeliers

Key processes we perform when we rewire chandeliers

  • December 3, 2017

Chandeliers are an important addition of beauty in homes, hotels and other buildings – often having historical essence or otherwise ushering in a sense of calm, beauty and elegance to the establishment.  With all the beauty, chandeliers are a delicate addition to your building and will often need good maintenance to continue shining your home – and one such key process involves rewiring the chandelier to ensure the electrical current is reaching the bulbs properly and unhindered.

Often times the rewiring process is not quite straightforward – and depending on the specific type of chandelier, it could be even more complicated and delicate to accomplish. Our experts at The Light Switch have been working on different kinds of chandeliers for over three decades now – acquiring a wealth of experience that when combined with professionalism gives the service satisfactions its utmost quality of expert work.

Here are the important processes we normally conduct while seeking to rewire your chandelier to ensure its back to life with that beautiful glow in your home.

  • Removal of old wiring – This seems a straight forward process, but it is much complicated and delicate than it sounds, especially when working with old chandeliers. Over time, the wiring in chandeliers may get brittle and compromise currency passage through to the terminals, which makes the chandelier dull. In order to get it back to line, it has to have these worn out wires removes and replaced, majority of the chandeliers have twisting arms and joints, which means that the removal of old wiring has to be done carefully to avoid breaking or dismantling them. Some old chandeliers also have their wires wrapped up in cloth – and the removal process has to be done in such a way that the cloth gets out with these wires, as they could block passages and make new routing difficult.
  • Replacement of the old wires is next once everything about their removal is done – and will normally involve routing the appropriate wires through the twisted arms. Some of the chandeliers use numerous different wires, and a mixture of confusion during this rewiring process may distort the whole pattern. Our experts take due care and diligence to ensure that if there are any specifications on the different parts of the chandeliers then effort is made to keep in line with them. Effective routing is paramount in ensuring proper functioning of the chandelier after rewiring.
  • Use of the right appliances – a chandelier is not an appliance you can easily pull up and repair, it requires expertise – and above all the use of appropriate tools and equipment in getting the whole work done. Our experts are well equipped, and are always on site with all potential replacements for many of the parts should such need arise, which ensures that your work is accomplished effectively and without delay.

So why should you continue putting up with dysfunctional antiques in your home when a solution can be found with us. Check on us and let see how we get your chandelier back to the roof for its beauty.