13 Nov

Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

The Light Switch Miami is the place we meticulously rewire, repair, resurface, clean, and reestablish every one of your lights and lighting apparatuses. Our master group of refinishers, experts, polishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or antique lighting installation and take it back to its previous lighting transcendence. We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, revamping, cleaning, repair of broken parts, and finish lighting reclamation. Replacing old silk wiring in antique installations is a forte at The Light Switch. More

12 Nov

Recover your favorite lampshade

Do you have antique lights with shades that have gone through more promising times?

Do you have a lampshade that you simply love, or one that you have acquired and don’t have any desire to part with?

At The Light Switch Miami, our strength is light shade repair and rebuilding. To rebuild and recover a shade requires a specialist who is acquainted with complex hand sewing methods. More

5 Nov

Rewiring Antique Lamps

Are You in Need of Repair Services of Antique Lamps?

The wiring staff at The Light Switch have years of experience giving light repair and rewiring services. We give fundamental rewiring and rebuilding to table lights, floor lights, sconces and roof installations. We can analyze your wiring issue and give an exact idea to alter your light. More

25 Oct

When should you consider rewiring an antique lamp?

Antique lamps are almost in every house that espouses itself as a home of class. They are there in home of the rich, the home of high figures, the home of those who love tradition and those who love to make a home worth a title in the places where they live. The reasons that inform this high regard of antique lamps dates back to centuries of time, with many of those who love to stock antique lamps doing so for different passions and reasons. One of the things that do inform the love for these pieces of hardware is the fact that they have a traditional taste to them, and most of them are not just traditional but also symbolic in every other aspect. And there are those who love them because of their sophisticated architecture, the fine touch and the unrivaled appeal that comes with them.


20 Oct

Important processes in restoring a lamp or chandelier

Chandeliers have long been famed for their graceful glow that lights up even the coldest hours of the day. For most people with chandeliers in their home, they hold a far much significance symbolic meaning to their presence rather than just being lighting accessories that can be pulled down and replaced by new ones. And chandeliers can complement even the most complicated interior landscape, but they also have times when they grow weary and dim out. At such times their long held glory seems to depart from them, and you must be keen enough to resurrect them back to life if you intent to continue enjoying their services.


18 May

How to choose authentic antique crystals

Antique crystals are coveted not just for their beauty but for their age as well, having withstood the test of time and proven their quality over ages. The manufacture and design of antique crystals started over hundreds of years back – with numerous designers and manufacturers giving their shots each. These designs came in all sizes, shapes and textures – and while that gave us the variety that we all wanted, it now complicates the process of picking genuine and authentic antique crystals from counterfeits and mere glass. More

16 May

Key processes we perform when we rewire chandeliers

Chandeliers are an important addition of beauty in homes, hotels and other buildings – often having historical essence or otherwise ushering in a sense of calm, beauty and elegance to the establishment.  With all the beauty, chandeliers are a delicate addition to your building and will often need good maintenance to continue shining your home – and one such key process involves rewiring the chandelier to ensure the electrical current is reaching the bulbs properly and unhindered. More

11 May

Come enhance your antique lighting with us

Antique lighting can easily transform the shades in your home, add light and décor to it and make everything comfortably beautiful. But antique lighting have more value attached to them that makes them one of the most valuable items in any home – and as such must be treated as the gems of any illumination plan.   More