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220 to 110 Volt Conversion

220 to 110 Volt Conversion

  • December 2, 2017

A voltage converter (otherwise called a power converter or voltage transformer) is an electric power transformation gadget which is used to change the electrical yield of a power source. The most well-known use for these converters is to switch the voltage from 220 down to 110 volts, or from 110 volts up to 220 volts. At the point when an electronic gadget, machine or power apparatus was worked for a particular voltage which is not accessible, the main way the gadget can be utilized is by changing over the catalyst or down to the right level. The requirement for a voltage converter frequently emerges for individuals who travel abroad or take abroad getaways and carry gadgets alongside them.

Step Down voltage converters are utilized to step down the power in the nations that use 220 volts, 230 volts, or 240 volts. These bring the power down to 110 volts so you can utilize 110 volt gadgets and apparatuses.

Step up voltage converters permit the client to Step up from 100 to 220 volts. Moreover, the majority of the progression up converters we convey likewise work for Step down, which means they can be utilized as a part of both courses – to Step up voltage from 110 volts to 220 volts, furthermore to Step down voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts. This style of converter is generally known as Step up/Step down, or a 2-way converter.

The Light Switch provides an entire line of Step up and Step down converters accessible in sizes.

Which Size and Type of Voltage Converter Do You Need?

If you plan to take hardware or machines that were obtained in a 110 volt nation and utilize them in a 220 volt nation, a “Stage Down” converter is required. Or, if you plan to take gadgets or machines that were acquired in a 220 volt nation and utilize them in a 110 volt nation, a “Stage Up” converter is required.

The span of a voltage converter is characterized by the wattage. Thusly, the size you’ll require relies on upon which gadgets you’ll be controlling and the quantity of watts they utilize. We would prescribe utilizing a voltage converter or transformer which has Wattage that is 2 to 3 times higher than your apparatus. Certain apparatuses, for example, control devices, engines, laser printers and TVs require a converter 2-3 times the Watts that the machine is appraised for in light of the fact that they require a surge of force when they are turned on. This additional wattage is a careful step to guarantee that your hardware will work properly and that the voltage converter won’t be harmed. Remember that a transformer with a higher watt rating will never hurt your machine, be that as it may, if you get one that is not sufficiently solid, it won’t work.

To figure out if you’ll be most appropriate with a stage up or a stage down converter, utilize worldwide voltage direct maps as a reference. This will help you to distinguish the right voltage being utilized as a part of the area(s) you’ll be making a trip to.