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Benefits of custom lampshades

Benefits of custom lampshades

  • December 2, 2017

Lampshades have been in use for almost as long as human beings have known and used lamps. The first lamp shades seem to have been used in the eighteenth century to shield eyes from direct light of the wick from oil-burning lamps, but since then things have quickly changed as humans have embraced technology for their lighting needs. The advancement of custom shades in the recent days has served to complement the role of lampshades in the home, from merely serving to protect direct rays to the eye to playing a key role in enhancing interior design for the whole establishment.

Custom shades play an irreplaceable role of creating the right ambiance in the room – whether it’s a romantic feel you need, or just some cool light to enhance relaxation. Depending on the transparency of the lamp shade, for which custom shades provide almost an all range degree for it, you can get the kind of ambiance that you need, it all depends on the exact theme that you want to create in the room. Instead of plunging the whole room into darkness, you can use an opaque lamp shade to get a very cool you to slowly fall asleep while the room remains dimly lit throughout the night.

New color codes – Custom shades are longer the boring piece of shade that you were once used to. They now incorporate colors, apart from the varying degrees of transparency. If you want to create a romantic theme in your bedroom, then you may prefer a custom lampshade that’s red and opaque, releasing small beams of light into the environment with drops of red in it. What a lovely scene! And it is not just red, with blue, orange, black or purple, you can always get the best color scheme for your design and setting.

And there is that other part of architectural sophistication – and lampshades are known to be one of the stellar pieces when it comes to propping up the elegance and architectural sophistication of your home. When it comes to custom shades, you have almost all options that you need – from shapes to sizes and designs. Whether you need a square shade, oval shade or whatever shape, you can get it right on the list. And what else do you need when you have these options? You simply plan your interior so that the shade has a match for the base of the lamp or the table on which to place the lamp. This way, every element flows seamlessly with the whole design.

Get that light where you want it – custom shades, apart from helping you sieve the light to required levels, can help you direct the light where you need. It. If you need a reading light then we have just the right shade for that, if you need a bedroom light then you can get a shade just for that purpose. You do not want that light spilling everywhere and anywhere. If you need it in just a particular spot, at The Light Switch we have the solution for you.