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Benefits of silk and/or linen shades

Benefits of silk and/or linen shades

  • December 2, 2017

Designers and homeowners know what makes a house stand out – it starts from the interior design of the house to the furnishing, then ends with lighting and other accessories in it. Even then, the differences between good designs and bad ones could be very thin lines, but these small differences could spell out stark contrasts that you can never mistake. Lampshades are one such important part of a house, and the choices you make will have outstanding impacts on the whole décor of your interior, and will seek to turn the most mediocre lamp into something outstanding, or reduce the most magnificent one into the worst mishaps of your interior set up.

Everyone knows the publicly available secret that choosing the right lampshade appropriate for the task, the accent and the decorative aspect is one of the most daunting tasks. But it also turns out, almost logically from the first proposition, that the selections you make will translate your lighting options into failures or great successes. Lampshades are available in all sizes and shapes, colors and texture, designs and materials – but the ultimate choice is not simply marking one or two things. One of the more premium options under lampshades involves the silk and/or linen shades, which are loved for their feel as well as aesthetic aspect. But do you know enough about these kinds of shades?

So what are silk shades? I would rather term the term “silk shade” a misnomer, because it makes more specifications when it should in practical terms generalize. Silk shades refer to all those lamp shades that have been manufactured with fabrics – and when we are talking about fabrics you know exactly how many of them exist. It could be stain, or linen, or silk, or any other of the countless options available.  Silk shades normally comprises the fabric used in their production as well as wires that provide the frame and shape – and owing to their winding around these frame can be easily made into different shapes and sizes. And silk shades enjoy a number of advantages that I thought you should know. Here are the most important ones.

  • They come in all shapes – silk shades have to wound around some frame, consequently assuming the shape of the frame. Given that you can use these wires to create any shape that you want, silks shades provide one of the types of shades with a very wide variety.
  • Easy washing – Cleaning a silk shade requires nothing more than immersing them in clean water then using a soft cloth or a designated brush to get the clean, followed by hanging them up for drying. I don’t think there are many materials that can compete them on this front.
  • Long life – It is no doubt that silk shades enjoy a fairly long life, and this cannot be underestimated. However, depending on the kind of lighting used, intense heat may wear them down. So for you to ensure you continue to use your coveted shades for long just ensure you regulate the heat and minimize it if possible.