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Five key tips for cleaning fabric lamp shades

Five key tips for cleaning fabric lamp shades

  • December 2, 2017

Every home owners loves the feel of sophistication and elegance in the house, with a combined soft touch on all architectural features. Lighting is one of those key things that can really transform the house into a stunning piece of decorated atmosphere, more so if you have the right equipment done the right way. Fabric lamp shades are some of the most loved on this front, and they so faithfully fulfill their mission when deployed rightly. Fabric lampshades are some of the more stellar pieces that can help you enjoy your illumination and create a remarkable ambience in the room – spectacularly and with much ease. But they also have an underside – they too get dirt and will from time to time need some deep, refreshing clean up. But where do you start when things reach this point? Here are a few tips

  • Start with local, home grown solutions – if the manufacturer specifications on your fabric lampshades so allow, you may need to look no further than your closets and cabinets to get them back cleaning and shinning again. From paint brushes to lint rollers and the vacuum cleaners, this can do a spectacular job without costing a penny. Do not forget about the hair dryers and gentle liquid soaps that can help you do a recommendable job on the pleats without compromising the integrity of the pleats.
  • Simple dusting – easy as it may sound, simple dusting can help you rid the fabric lampshades of the accumulating dust, especially in you live in areas that is dry and wind on most parts of the year. This is an especially important trick if you want to do some simple, quick cleaning of your lampshades within a short span of time. just ensure that you have a good machine for air blow and do not blow to hard until the pleats threaten to come off. It will lift out a good junk of the accumulated dust and debris. Even if you are headed for a complete wash, remember to start with dusting to ensure that some particles with not get rubbed by water and stick down in the base.
  • Advanced dusting with technology
    You can also move further and do the dusting with more advanced equipment to achieve even better results. A well trained stream of blowing air will lift off a large amount of dust and debris lodges in your lampshade and underneath the pleats. If you have a vacuum cleaner then it is going to do a good job for you, but you can also ensure that you keep the attachments handy on the side to ensure you can use them where specialized attention is needed.
  • Washing – You can also choose to get down with a light wash on fabric lampshades, but just be sure that the manufacturer specifications permit this. Remember to use a gentle soap – and do not attempt dish washer or laundry tough detergents for these may be very unforgiving on the fabrics.