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Five reasons you must buy Italian designs

Five reasons you must buy Italian designs

  • December 2, 2017

When it comes to high quality lighting equipment and appliances, you are definitely looking for those that meet several thresholds to achieve your satisfaction mark of quality with them. Silently accepted yet not publicly mentioned, places of origin play a critical role in the average value, quality and perception of certain products – and more so true when it comes to lighting fixtures and related resources. Italian designs are some of the oldest, most popular and most loved brands in the light and lighting industry. But what really informs this large following for Italian designs? Is it sheer obsession people have with these brands or there are some tangible things that these equipment profess which others know not? We did some research and the results are tellingly right. Here are some of the top reasons.

Go exotic – there is this feel that Italian brands come with some sense of exoticism – a well done project imported from Italy. But Italy has been known for some of the most famed pieces in the world – from luxury watches to the best suites you would wish to wear around. There are those who loved pieces from Europe, some from Asia and others from Mexico – but going exotic can make your house look a little bit raunchy, pull up some surprises on your visitors and so and so forth.

The mark of quality? There are those who love Italian simply because it comes with the mark of quality, and they are right in that sense. Some of the most famed lighting pieces – especially chandeliers and antique lightings, were designed and made in Italy. Not just from the year before, but hundreds of years down the line craftsmen in Italy were already crafting and producing some of the world’s most respected brands. Some of these brands only produce their items from Italy, and if you still want to enjoy their products then you have no choice but to buy Italian.

You want an old design for your house? A good portion of them come from Italy. And when we are specifically speaking about some of the most loved and revered traditional art-ware then there are those parts opf the world that will throw up more of these pieces than the rest. One of these places is Italy. If you want the crystal lighting, vintage lighting, antique lighting and some chandelier designs that have outlived their makers the you can order some from Italy. It has some of the oldest.

Finally, popular brands make a better quick deal than the more little known brands that have no traction. Italian designs are much more popular, loved and revered in equal measure. These are not the kind of designs you will have to shop the whole day before you find what you want. They are much more available than a good number of other brands – making it easier for you and our designer to work out the whole theme once you have selected your pick for the day.