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Five reasons you need a crystal lamp

Five reasons you need a crystal lamp

  • December 3, 2017

There are perhaps thousands of reasons why every home should have a crystal lamp – with many of them having an important boost on health. Crystal lamps, used since medieval times, do have an important role to play in the home, away and far from the nice illumination that they add to the house. Perhaps a good number of people have not discovered these advantages yet, so here we discuss some of the most important roles that they play.

Cleansing and deodorizing the air is just part of the important roles that crystal lamps do play in the home – and is perhaps one of the most well known and most famed among their users. Crystal lamps possess unrivalled power to rid the surrounding air of pollen dust, cigarette smoke as well as other dust particles sand a wide range of air contaminants to keep it pure and safe. Their mode of operation is mainly by hygroscopy – a property that allows them to absorb water molecules from the air, which also comes with the smoke and other elements in this air. Once this moisture has been absorbed, it ios re-warmed by the heat of the flame –vaporizing it back to the atmosphere while the dust particles remain trapped. Users of crystal lamps have frequently and extensively reported reduced severity of allergy symptoms, including asthma. All those people who had earlier been relying on popular Commercial Air Duct Services to keep the air clean in their workplaces and houses can now make a switch to this lamp.

The fact that crystal lamps do deal a deadly blow to dander and other dust particles in the air gives them a purifying capability. Their elimination of these specks of dust coupled with pet dander and other molecules allows them to rid the air of potential allergens that could be a health risk to people with asthma and a number of allergies. Well, of course, the need to get the air ducts and filters clean and maybe also get the house tested for mold growth (using a home mold test kit might expedite the process) would not be completely eliminated, but at the least, this lamp would take care of the undesirable allergens coming from the outside environment.

However, crystal lamps might not prove to be effective in fighting against allergies caused by germs and bacteria on the surface. A crystal lamp might not get rid of rash-causing bacteria in your carpet, for example. Those elements will have to be eliminated by a local carpet cleaner who can do the job quickly. But to get rid of air-borne allergy-causing elements, you can definitely rely on these lamps. For a long time, they have been used by people to purify indoor air. In the modern time, many homeowners are known to use them for their proven effective features.

Crystal lamps are also an important plus in the improvements of mood as well as bettering concentration. While positive ions are known to undo this effect, crystal lamps do generate negative ions that help to bolster oxygen and blood supply to the brain cells. This in turn allows the mood to improve – and what else do you expect about concentration when the brain has enough oxygen and blood circulating through it? I guess this will be obvious.

For persons who have inconsistent sleep patterns, and perhaps make use of things like marijuana for sleep in the hope that this will help them settle down in the evening, the presence of crystal lamps should be a very positive development in the right direction. While positive ions concentrating the air are known to reduce the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain thereby making catching some sound sleep difficult, crystal lamps emit negative ions that cancel and neutralize these positive ions. With a net reserve of negative ions, expect better sleeping patterns, often including sound sleep for longer time.

Finally, there comes the most important task of neutralizing electromagnetic radiation. It is no doubt that the present human being lives and operates in a sea of these radiations, generated by various electronics including television sets, phones and other equipment. Overexposure to this kind of radiation is recipe for chronic stress, poor immune responses as well as regular unexplained fatigue. Crystal lamps with their rich generation of negative ions helps to undo this effect by reducing and cancelling out some of this radiations to keep you safe and sound throughout the day.