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How to choose lampshades appropriate for your lamp and setting

How to choose lampshades appropriate for your lamp and setting

  • December 2, 2017

Lampshades have the important capability to argument any home design and set up into something awesome – primarily by bringing out their shadow effect on the lamp, or source of light. Once you have picked up your most desired and beautiful lamp for the house then the next logical step is to get it the best and most appropriate lampshade, but this is not just a matter of pick and go. Choosing the right lampshade has the capability to turn the most bogus lamp into something stunning, but a small mess here will dwarf even the beauty of the most exciting lamp, so you better go in aware of a few basics that will give you the right deal.

  • Room set up – First and foremost comes the idea of the room setup, because you might get it right on the lamp and lamp shade – but have an entirely different room set for your choices. It is natural to be unsure of the colors and designs that complement each other for a comprehensive set up, but a little help from professional interior designers like Helen Coulston should be able to get you started. You always have to ensure that any accessory you are bringing into your room accents well with the interior design – because a mismatch here will deal a heavy blow to almost everything in your interior. As a simple guidance, rooms with impressive antique pieces and traditional furnishings will likely go well with pleated lampshades. Whereas, contemporary and modern room setups do well with non-pleated lampshades because of the fewer details involved. You should also consider getting Custom Window Coverings (if you haven’t already), because these coverings also help set the tone for the room’s interiors and should complement the overall look and the lampshades.
  • The height of the lamp is another core factor that you must always be on the watch out. As a simple guide, ensure that the hardware of the lamp is fully covered by the lamp shade to avoid any simple mess. And as such, you are always advised to ensure that the lampshade is at least two thirds of the lamp to provide enough height for sufficient cover.
  • Shape – Next comes the issues of shape – and here your guess is just as good as mine. Why have a rounded lamp and bring up a triangular lampshade? It is always noble to select the shape of the lampshade based on that of the lamp, or that of the table-top on which the lamp will be placed. Anything outside this is likely to create tension, but you have to check well if anything to the contrary.
  • The width of the lamp is another key dimension to take into account while seeking to choose your lampshade, because a mismatch in dimensions may disproportionately exaggerate the size of the lamp. The lampshade should always be wider than the base of the lamp by at least one inch, but an excess of three inches is not advisable, because the two will seem to bog down each other at this point.
  • Finally, transparency sets in, depending on the task indeed for the lampshade. Reading lights will need to allow more light than romantic lights, or lights meant to accent the house design and not primarily meant for lighting purposes. Vary from opaque to translucent depending on the amount of light you need to access from the lamp.

Whatever kind of lampshade you need, we do have it in our stock, coupled with expert advice on the right lampshade, you will surely land your deal.