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Important facts for your expert LED needs

Important facts for your expert LED needs

  • December 3, 2017

LEDs combine the beauty of light and the beauty of color to give a more appealing sense of vision – and driving down the costs of lighting as well. For a business, switching from energy hungry HIDS lighting systems to the economical LED is a very much logical step to make – but this migration sis not as simple as the obvious. LED lighting systems tend to be a little complicated – and the right pick may not be so straight forward, so before you move to purchase one – ensure that you have the right information to allow you make that decision. Experts at The Light Switch went through the most critical issues pertaining to LED systems and pieced up the following list for you, just in case you need some advice.

Lighting distribution control is one of the major issues to consider when installing a new LED system – especially in business settings. A good photometric analysis will reveal the customer needs and thus provide a guide in picking the right system – which should empower you to deliver the right amount of light only where it is needed – helping to improve on business delivery and minimize wastages.

When it comes to color rendering – a high level of it is always preferable. Choosing a system with a color rendering in the 90’s is most likely to be a good deal for your business, but needs vary though.

Third come the most important issue of the lifespan of the system – because you want to be sure that the system is going to serve you long enough – make a good return on the investments in it and deliver enough profits to make its acquisition worthwhile.  You also want to look at the kind of warranty attached to the system – because an LED system with a warranty of one year and another with ten years are two different things altogether – and an expert would advice – other factors constant – the latter.

Finally, you want to know the kind of control systems that the LED system will use – and that’s conclude on whether you have to acquire new systems or you will continue using your current ones. Majority of the LED systems available are designed to fit any of the fixtures available in the market – starting from the basic dimmers and switches to the most complex networked fixtures that provide real time data on the system.

Ask the experts!

The experts at The Light Swicth have been dealing in LED systems for long – both retail and repairs – and they know almost each and every system in the market. Come check with us for any kind of advice and consultation, purchases and repairs on your LED.  With our service guarantee, you can be sure that the job will give you the satisfaction you desire – and we are always here to ensure all your components are working right. So then, repairs and purchases all at The Light Switch. Deal!