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Is it time to replace shades?

Is it time to replace shades?

  • December 2, 2017

Having the right shades for your lamp is a great achievement. Considering their easy nature, for most people, lamp shades are a matter of fit and go – they never come back to check whether they need some repair, restoration or replacement, but should that be the norm or do we need the reverse? Well, that entirely depends on the kind of lamps you have.

Lamps and lighting are important elements in a home’s interior. They not only greatly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your living space but also offer the potential to completely transform it. When you work with experienced luxury interior designers in London or similar experts elsewhere, you may find that certain lighting fixtures remain constant while others change to suit your evolving tastes and preferences. Some lampshades are incredibly versatile, effortlessly complementing the look of your interior, regardless of its design.

Shades, however, do get out of use over time, and they will need some shade replacement if you need to continue enjoying the same sort of décor and elegance you enjoyed at the beginning. Well, so how often should you replace your shades? Here are some suggestions.

Worn out – Wear and tear are continuous processes that will occur on every material whether you like it or not. I cannot just emphasize enough that shades too do undergo this process and owing to their direct conduct with rays of light as well as heat, these processes could be much more hastened here. So why not get it right? After a few years of serving you faithfully and delightfully, your lampshades will be torn down and worn out, in a state of disuse and disrepair, and the most logical step from this point is to get a replacement. Don’t wait too long, if you have been using the same shades for a couple of years now it is time to check and see if you need to contact the stores.

Styles have changed – if you bought your old shades long before the turn of the millennium then you need to rethink again if you need to continue hanging on to them. Some shades could still be in good shape and condition, but I hope you mind something to do with style. Probably you have bought new furniture for your home, installed new tiles on your floor, and redone the ceiling. Well, all of these things are new and most likely used the latest trends in the interior design market. Do they fit well into the old shades or you will have to rethink their place? You always need to avoid a big mix-up that could be too costly to your design ideas – and so if you are changing and moving to new designs, always reexamine the different elements if they fit perfectly into the new layout, including lampshades. If you find yourself confused, interior designers similar to Helen Coulston can help you select the right shades to complement your current design and layout.

Finally, if you are the kind of person who loves variety, and will change your bed sheets and cushions every couple of days and replace with new ones, then you are a very organized chap to say the least. If you love to rotate your deigns depending on your occasion or mood then it will only be best that you have dozens of different lampshades too, so when you change the bedhseets and the tables you also have new lampshades in place. I hope you loved that!