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Our Socket Repair Services

Our Socket Repair Services

  • December 2, 2017

The socket forms an important connection between electrical appliances and the electrical current system – and majority of the people will not notice this important connection – for there is a matter of plug and with on – and they expect everything to run perfectly smooth. Well done! You don’t need to master every detail of what is going on behind every other system – but whenever a problem strikes the socket – it strikes at the heart of your electrical use patterns. Finding that your socket is producing sparks, switching between working and not working or having simply gone unresponsive would deal a major blow to your activities. Especially when you switch it on and it fails to do the necessary. Even then, you don’t need to be too much scared. Experts at The Light switch will do those rocket repairs pretty easily and quickly.

Note that the largest proportion of all electrical incidents starts with intrigues at the socket, and this attempting a do it yourself approach when dealing with these sensitive electrical component is risky. There are high chances of an electrical shock – and worst of it a fire may erupt if you mismatch the wires – so it is better not to attempt this risky adventure if you do not have the technical expertise to do it. However, experts at The Light Switch have been trained in all manner of sorts to deal with all issues relating to sockets – and most importantly in a safe and professional manner.

So why should you look for us when your socket starts misbehaving? Here are the five main services that we will provide to you under our label of socket repair, and all of them have the mark of quality and guarantee from experts.

  • Socket troubleshooting – your socket could be malfunctioning on its own, yes, but there are times when the problem lies elsewhere – like an incomplete circuit. An unresponsive socket could be a potential indicator of problems lying deep in the whole electrical system – and unless these are approached from a holistic point of view, the socket will not get any lasting remedy soon. Our experts will check the socket for any malfunctions – as well as conducting a general inspection to unearth any other problems with the electrical system that may contribute to socket blow and other issues.
  • Socket upgrades – so you have decided to revamp your mansion that you built some thirty years ago – and you are bringing in new electrical devices? Well, you will most likely need a new socket as well, not because the old one is out of use – but because your requirements have changed and the specifications on your old socket may not be sufficient to put up with the new system. Our experts will make these upgrades and help you install new sockets that can withstand the power demands of your new home.
  • Replacements and installations – if you have been making a new home then we can help you with speedy installation of sockets, or if you just need additional sockets in your home to cater for the burgeoning need of electrical supply. Our experts will also check malfunctioning sockets and get them back to a working condition.