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Repair fixture: What is on the menu?

Repair fixture: What is on the menu?

  • December 2, 2017

Times have changed and the cost of living is quickly skyrocketing – yet the impact on the environment from human activity is also taking a heavy toll on the environment. This is why it is always recommended to make repairs than make new purchases outright – apart from the economic sense of it where it applies.  Lighting systems are one beautiful element in our buildings – but they are also susceptible from failures from time to time – which call in the reputable services of professional repairs. The Light switch offers a number of lighting fixture repairs to its customers – and the list below, although not exhaustive, offers a quick insight of the services we provide.

  • Light fixture wiring – Yes, wiring is the means by which electricity flows from one component to another – without which the world of electricity would be a little bit crippled. Loose wires can pose quite a risk on your lighting fixture – and apart from becoming a cause for malfunction – the threat of electrical shocks and fires will constantly hang over your head. From fixing loose wires to replacing worn out ones on your light fixture, our services on wiring are almost exhaustive.
  • Switch repairs – switches provide an important connect/disconnect points in the electrical circuit systems – and for optimal working and safety, they always need to be in fit working form. That stated, it’s common knowledge that switches do malfunction from time to time – and this could be a mechanical problem or simply going bad after serving for quite some long time – a few components will have to be rechecked and put back. Our experts will check the health of your switch system and recommend on what needs to be done – and if you so wish they will help you repair or replace the necessary ones.
  • Casing repairs and replacement – lighting fixtures come with protective casings and covers – and some of these casings serve purposes beyond the protection idea. However, these casings may over time be worn out, break or otherwise get some deformations – and to ensure that they continue working optimally repairs will me near inevitable. Apart from stocking different types of such casings for you, our experts have the right level of skill and experience to repair such casings where the extent of damage is not sufficient to warrant a replacement – and thus continue enjoying the light uninterrupted.