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light switch Miami


Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

  • December 2, 2017

The Light Switch Miami is the place we meticulously rewire, repair, resurface, clean, and reestablish every one of your lights and lighting apparatuses. Our master group of refinishers, experts, polishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or antique lighting installation and take it back to its previous lighting transcendence. We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, revamping, cleaning, repair of broken parts, and finish lighting reclamation. Replacing old silk wiring in antique installations is a forte at The Light Switch.

For ceiling fixtures, lights, or sconces that have a painted complete, we can strip and repaint the installation to its unique complete, or you can pick one of our hand connected painted completes and change the look totally.

Vintage and antique precious stone crystal fixtures really advantage from the cleaning and rebuilding process. We completely dismantle the ceiling fixtures and clean all the gem parts all around. The ceiling fixture is completely rewired, reassembled and changed with the first precious stones (or we can include gems and overhaul for a tweaked look).

At The Light Switch we additionally reestablish fine old collectible and vintage equipment including: doorknobs, window pulls, and chimney andirons. Your unique equipment will look delightful when reinstalled in your home.

This is the place we carefully reestablish or overhaul every one of our lights and ceiling fixtures. Our master group of professionals, refinishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or old fashioned ceiling fixture and bring back its lost magnificence.

We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, resurfacing, repair of lights and crystal fixtures and finish lighting restoration. We additionally give exceptionally painted completions. You can even ship your light and ceiling fixture fortunes to us for repair rewiring and rebuilding!

We are known for our perfectly planned specially crafted lampshades and can likewise recuperate your old vintage lampshades. We spend significant time in finding the right lampshade to fit your light of ideal impact.

At The Light Switch, we have composed a progression of topical exceptional unique ceiling fixture, sconce, and lighting outlines. We join the glow, appeal and craftsmanship of magnificent vintage light and crystal fixtures with the fanciful notion and uniqueness of unique and imaginative items.

We regularly highlight incredible animals, for example, seraphs, faeries, figures of deformity, griffins, and mermaids. We additionally plan Chandeliers highlighting trains, planes, bikes, cruising ships, and considerably more one of a kind things like gumball machines and sewing machines. Our unique ceiling fixtures or lights are all created here at The Light Switch, and each is distinctive, so you can make sure that your light or crystal fixture will astound your visitors every time they see it!

Custom and Ready Made Lampshades

Here at The Light Switch we have an expansive supply of instant silk shantung lampshades in stock. We likewise outline uniquely designed bordered shades, beaded shades, and hand creased shades.

We additionally recoup and reestablish your old and blurred light shade antics from days past. Essentially acquire or transport any old delicate back light shade and we will expertly reestablish it to its full excellence.