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Rewiring Antique Lamps

Rewiring Antique Lamps

  • December 2, 2017

Are You in Need of Repair Services of Antique Lamps?

The wiring staff at The Light Switch have years of experience giving light repair and rewiring services. We give fundamental rewiring and rebuilding to table lights, floor lights, sconces and roof installations. We can analyze your wiring issue and give an exact idea to alter your light.

Did a Lighting Family Heirloom you Inherit Need Installation?

Have you obtained an old lamp light at a yard deal or showcase? We can check the wiring and make any essential repairs to render it useful and safe.

Do You Have a Special or Memorable Object Which You Want us to Turn into a Lamp?

Get it and our staff can help you pick the most ideal approach to wire it into a practical, special and individual light. Our shop is loaded with articles that we make into lights, giving heap cases of the potential outcomes accessible for showing and wiring your question.

Do You Need to Replace Your Old Lamp Shades?

When you are looking to get new shades for your lights, it’s more vital to carry the lights with you rather than carrying the old shades. There are plenty of shapes, styles, hues and strategies that can function admirably with every light and you can turn any old lamp into a sparkling new one.

It additionally might be important or attractive to upgrade the wiring or make some other acclimation to your lights during the time spent getting new lampshades, for instance

  • Shorten or extend the neck
  • A sturdier base needs to be added
  • Add a harp-holder, or trade your present harp for a shorter (or taller) one
  • Add a more extended line, or a line change to the string, for simpler access

Some common tips –

Always unplug a light before doing any repairs.

When it is unplugged, it is advisable to take the light to a handyman’s shop (similar to a Handyman in Northampton) to figure out what kind of string and attachment will be best suited for the light. They might also do any repair work on the light if necessary. The electrical rope might be level or round. A level rope will take a cinch-style level rope plug; a round line will require a two-prong round-rope plug.

An attachment is made out of a few sections: an external metal shell; a protecting sleeve; the strung attachment with its switch and two screw terminals (one silver, one metal) to which the two wires inside the line append; and a protected top, which secures the terminals.

A two-prong, round-body fitting is made out of a few sections, as well: the attachment body, the shell, and the rope cinch. A brace style level rope connect comes to two pieces, a center with prongs joined, and a shell.

What is the best way to do it?

Lamp repairing is a task that is best left for the ones that are adept at it. Moreover if it is an antique lamp, chances are that you aren’t aware of its wiring. Therefore you may call us at The Light Switch to give you a hassle free service for the same.

Call us anytime. We are up 24/7.