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Step by step procedure for cleaning crystal chandeliers

Step by step procedure for cleaning crystal chandeliers

  • December 2, 2017

Chandeliers are loved for their soft glow that lights up even the dark parts of the heart on gloomy and tense days. They are the hallmark of every other elegant home that the owner prides in; they are a mark and symbol of quality. They are beautiful wherever they are hung, and they can draw attention to the very beauty of the house, major on the best parts, and even make the undone ones less attractive to look at. But as long as you hang them in your room, chandleries are only as beautiful as the bill of cleanliness you choose to give them.

Cleanliness is next to godliness so they say, and whenever you need anything to be sparkling clean you always have to invest an effort towards that end. Of course, people that can afford it would rather hire maids from companies similar to these Lynchburg cleaning services, as they are experienced and offer professional cleaning. This is especially important when it comes to delicate items in your home. Chandeliers, which are one such item, will continue to give you unrivaled sparkle if you really care about them, and part of this means you give them a comprehensive wash once after a while to ensure they continue to be the beautiful gems they are meant to be. Depending on where you have mounted your chandeliers, the frequency of cleaning may vary from once every year to every couple of months or weeks.

Often times I recommend every homeowner to know about the clean crystal cleaning chandelier process, which is the mother of all washes you may ever be called upon to execute. But this is an elaborate process that requires both skill and expertise. You have to be cautious lest your asset disintegrates right in your hands, or it loses the important glare that it has all along had to this point. Knowing a few things about how to go about the procedure will help you get the best results, and at the same time ensure that you don’t end up losing your beautiful chandelier or its beauty while cleaning.

Start by switching off the lights and allow the chandelier to cool down if it had been working for a few minutes. Disconnect it from its position and bring it down on a thick blanket, or a towel-lined sink. The towel in the sink ensures that any form of impact is smoothly absorbed to avoid breakages. Disconnect all the arms, bundling them together to ensure easy reattachment. Clean all the pieces using vinegar and a soft cloth. It is important to avoid spraying any solutions directly at the chandelier as this may be harmful and tamper with the non-crystal elements, as well as potentially being too rough on the chandelier.

Ensure that you check and repair any of the undone parts before you reinstall the chandelier. This is supposed to be a full cleanup come maintenance session, so don’t return the chandelier back to its position with glaring disparities in its function and form. The solution used in cleaning must be mixed in proportions of one part vinegar top three parts warm water for the best results. Employ a soft cloth when cleaning any of the parts to avoid cracks.