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Top five places to hang your pendant lights

Top five places to hang your pendant lights

  • December 2, 2017

Pendant lights are some of the most revered lighting pieces for any residential home. Their beauty, design and all that comes with them make them a powerful way to reinforce the design of your home, add up elegance and sophistication to your theme while ensuring that delicate illumination still pierces through the room. But this beauty is not always obvious, you have to know how best to make use of this seller pieces before they can bring out the best in them. If you have already purchased your favorite pendant lights then here are the five best places you can choose to hang them for that lovely look.

  • Above tables – from the coffee table to the reading table, the dining table to the lamp table – all tables can and do benefit from hanging a pendant light above them. The height here matters, because you don’t want to knock your head on these pieces every time you rise from your seat, but you also need adequate light for whatever thing you need them for – so ensure a good balance. More so, hanging several lights above the table will ensure you get enough light while complementing beauty.
  • Light up the stairwell – The stairwell is another point to ramp up beauty and style with pendant lights, illuminating the staircases while creating something more attractive to the users. Again the rule of the thumb applies here, you have to hand these lights at the right height – where you have enough light shining on the staircases and you are giving enough room for users – consider the tallest person and they should not duck while moving through.
  • In the kitchen –Modern kitchens come with style and design – they are not the old stuffy places that their owners rarely visited. Hanging a pendant light above the wash sinks can provide enough light o carry out your task easily, as well as reinforcing the architectural design of the whole place.
  • The hallway and corridors – this is where you need enough light shining through, but giving it some pomp with pendant light will bring in a more graceful look. Its best when you have several identical pendant lights hanging beautifully through the hall way, places at its length equal distances from each other. Also, ensure that they are hanging at the right height to shade enough light as you move through the hallway.
  • In the bedroom – hanging a few pendant lights hanging by your bedside can be a cool experience, so why not seize the opportunity. Many people do have table lamps in their bedrooms, but what if you are running ion low space in this room and you still need some good some of ambient light. Definitely, having a pendant light hanging around – or two fixed on either side of the bed will provide sufficient illumination before you fall asleep or read you best book. Just ensure they are not too low to knock your head when you wake up early in the morning.