29 Dec

Benefits of the socket 3 way

When it comes to lighting fixtures, almost every single fixture counts towards the end goal, you have to get it right. The socket 3-way design is one of the most loved, and continues to rock the industry with pop. It enjoys much from the additional third electrical conduct that it enjoys part from the three normal ones. These sockets do provide a convenient way of lighting method when it comes to choosing the best sockets that guarantee different levels of lighting on the platform; the three-way socket comes on top of the pile. The three way socket is always equipped with more electrical conducts than the conventional sockets, which allows it to make three different levels of illumination with ease.

But what really the 3 way socket a good choice for homeowners? Here are some of the key reasons

Convenience – it is almost obvious why this issue came top on the list, humans love to live in comfy spaces where almost everything is either swipe or touch and go – and this is almost the near replicate scenario created by the three way socket when it comes to lighting solutions. The three way socket allows you to change between three levels of light depending on the connections you make, allowing for simple, quick and faster adjustments to the lightning setting of the house without much hassle. And the comfort part is all about the changes on a single system, you don’t have to instill too many things to allow you adjust between these lights, so why not give a mark for that?

Cost savings – the second most important benefit when dealing with the three way socket involves cost savings. With a three in one socket, you are very well assured of enjoying rights far beyond the conventional two way sockets. As much as lighting remains an important aspect of any home set up, costs will always come in as a major undercutting factor, without which certain benefits have to be forfeited. However, the three way socket allows one to continue enjoying considerable adjustments in levels of illumination while they remain within budget, given that this piece is not too much of an investment for an ordinary citizen. It is quite cost effective.

Finally, the three way socket is one important piece that can best be described as a jerk of all trades; it fit for a diverse range of tasks. Different activities require different levels of illumination, and this is what the three way socket seeks to achieve. By giving you options to adjust illumination levels on a three way scale, we can primarily indicate that majority of the tasks fall into these three borad groups – including those that require bright light that is concentrated, medium light and low light. You may have some low light for tasks that do not require too much illumination, or when you just need to while away comfortable and slide into slumber. However, for those activities that may require a good portion of illumination, such as reading a novel, you may as well adjust to the second level. Finally when it comes to highlight tasks like sewing, you have the third rank there ready for you.

28 Dec

Do you want to get it right with restoring your lights?

Electrical lighting systems serve an important role in any home, providing the much needed convenience while at the same time remaining a clean form of energy. However, even the best systems do fail at times and if you have anywhere between the worst and the best you are sure that some day they may grind to a halt. Or they have already come to a halt in their working. So what next? The most logical step after such systems stop working is to seek for restoration services, but do they solve every mess? Restoration is a process, much like a toll which the end results it manages to accomplish rests heavily on the person using it, if you have been conducting restorations a number of times and they don’t last long enough after they are done then here are a few tips to ensure your next undertaking is a little more successful than the previous.

Before going into the restoration process, take your time to determine the full extent of the failure – what need to be restored and what is in good condition. We have had cases of people doing tens of restorations on the same equipment only to fail the next week, reason being the restoration was done too shallow and from a very narrow perspective. A restoration needs to be comprehensive and leave no stone unturned, which then ensures that the work done is commendable and the results will be there to be seen over the next couple of years. So before you pick your pen and paper to do the restoration, ensure you know the needs to the very bottom.

Restoration processes will normally need repairs and replacements, so you must be prepared to deliver on this front, whether you love it or hate it. And there is one well-known secret when it comes to going successful with the replacements, know the parts you are buying to serve as replacements well. Start by ensuring that the components you are buying are authentic and not fabrications that will come to blow out the next day and then move to that important factor of ensuring the specifications match what the system requires. With original components on your palms, you are sure that they have gone through the rigorous testing needed for them to work and withstand the pressure of the system. Specifications ensure that the components you are buying meet the threshold and are compatible with the system.

Finally, restoration is not the kind of do-it-yourself tasks that you can simply wake up and accomplish on your own. In fact, majority of the restoration failures do fail because they were done by non-experts who did not tie all loose ends the way they should. There is no alternative route here, and there can never be a way to have a short cut to achieving quality service, you just have to ask the experts. Ensure that you employ someone competent for the job to deliver the results!

25 Dec

Is it time to replace shades?

Having the right shades for your lamp is a great achievement. Even the worst lamp can be stunningly transformed with the right shade hanging on it, so you know just how important these shades are. Form most people, lamp shades are a matter of fit and go – they never come back to check whether they need some repair, restoration or replacement, but should that be the norm or we need the reverse? Shades do get out of use over time, and they will need some shade replacement if you need to continue enjoying the same sort of décor and elegance you enjoyed at the beginning. Well, so how often should you replace your shades? Here are some suggestions.

Worn out – Wear and tear are continuous processes that will occur on every material whether you like it or not. I cannot just emphasize enough that shades too do undergo this process and owing to their direct conduct with rays of light as well as heat, these processes could be much more hastened here. So why not get it right? After a few years of serving you faithfully and delightfully, your lampshades will be torn down and worn out, in a state of disuse and disrepair, and the most logical step from this point is to get a replacement. Don’t wait too long, if you have been using the same shades for a couple of years now it is time to check and see if you need to contact the stores.

Styles have changed – if you bought your old shades long before the turn of the millennium then you need to rethink again if you need to continue hanging on them. Some shades could still be in good shape and condition, but I hope you mind something to do with style. Probably you have bought new furniture for your home, installed new tiles on your floor and redone the ceiling. Well, all of these things are new and most likely used the latest trends in the interior design market. Do they really fit well into the old shades or you will have to rethink their place? You always need to avoid a big mix up that could be too costly to your design ideas – and so if you are changing and moving to new, always reexamine the different elements if they fit perfectly into the new layout, including lampshades. Should you change a few things that determined your choice of shades a few years ago, it is highly likely you will need to replace the shades too!

Finally, if you are the kind of person who loves variety, and will change your bed sheets and cushions every couple of days and replace with new ones, then you are a very organized chap to say the least. If you love to rotate your deigns depending on your occasion or mood then it will only be best that you have dozens of different lampshades too, so when you change the bedhseets and the tables you also have new lampshades in place. I hope you loved that!

22 Dec

How to get it right when purchasing plugs

Electrical plugs are some of the most important electrical outlets for any circuit system and the need for their services will spring up more than often. However, most times people mess up when selecting on plugs, primarily because they lack the due information needed for accurate selection as well as making impulse purchases without giving it a thorough thought to determine the pieces that would best fit and serve their needs. For you to choose the right plugs, just as any other important electrical appliance, you always need to know some basic rules that can get you the right deals. If that is all you are looking for then here we go.

The shape of the plug, though almost petty and could be easily brushed aside as being inconsequential, is one of the key factors that you always have to care about. Now here comes a more important reason why you should not simply show up in a store room and pick what is on the shelf without a though. Not all parts of the world use the same shape of plugs as your home country – and here am addressing the frequent traveler. You may easily find yourself in a country unaware of the shapes used in your country. Bring this a little closer home – you buy online from a different country and you simply click and click. There you are, you will find yourself stranded.

Power specifications on the plug also come in handy when you are selecting a plug for use. Electricity is a sensitive element, and choosing an incorrect appliance would simply make it blow off. Pay keen attention to current levels specified as well as voltage levels that the plug and appliances you want to use can sustain. Remember to look at the whole circuit system to ensure they are compatible as well.

Check on the plug you are just about to purchase and confirm that it has a warranty with it. Warranties speak volumes about the quality of a product. Knowing that every manufacturer is out to make a kill, many of the products will come with the label of “superior quality”, but is everything superior here. Long warranties point to a potentially low-failure rate product that is reliable and has a longer lifespan. Avoid flimsy warranties with an ultra short lifespan as much as you can, this ones are meant to fail sooner than later.

Finally, looking for professional certification on electrical equipment is one other fire-proof way to ensure that you aren’t walking home with a raw deal. Different countries have awards for different electrical products that meet certain levels of safety and functionality. Looking for these marks can help you to quickly sort out some of the best and most highly rated equipment that can withstand the test of time. Also look to ensure that they are equipped with enough protection in case of disturbances and interruptions in the electrical circuit system – they should not be the type to blast off at the first instance.

19 Dec

Top reasons you will want the modern lighting fixtures

Impressive lighting fixtures are part and parcel of any home’s interior, but even gardens and the outside need some good lights too. Over the years, man has sourced out for his illumination in a number of ways, starting with bon fires to the more recent Led technologies that are now taking over the industry by storm. There are now hundreds of modern lighting pieces filling up stores on every street, but are they worth your money? Here are some of the top five reasons you should consider buying modern lighting solutions for your home.

Go stylish – well, who does not love cashing in on style. Contemporary lighting solutions have burst the riverbanks when it comes to style, so why not jump onto the band wagon and benefit from this new outburst of style? Contemporary styles are here to fit into the numerous diverse tastes and preferences, as well as to suite the diverse interior designs that many homes now employ. If you are looking out to go stylish then I guarantee that the modern lighting solutions will be perfect match for you, so come and check for the deal. From conventional lights to LEDs, you will really have your day discovering what you love most.

Set the mood with raunchy lights – it is a well known fact that lights not only provide illumination for the room but also play a critical role in enhancing the general; atmosphere of the room. Lighting can liven up[ the room or simply dampen the mood, it can give you the right atmosphere for relaxation or for some short tasks, it could just be a deal maker or deal breaker depending on how you use it. Modern lights come with all abilities that you can play to your liking. From pendant lights to chandeliers, you can set the atmosphere to match exactly what you would love to do at the very moment.

You love your interior? Just reinforce it with modern lighting. You know what makes a room – and when it comes to concealing some small flaws and emphasizing on the good side of your design, you are sure that the lights will come in handy. One amazing thing with modern lights is how capable they are in enhancing the decorations and designs of your interior. Tie up all the perfect elements by complementing them with the right kind of lighting. You will definitely love how good lighting can transform even the most mediocre design into a stunning replicate of your home.

Enjoy the efficiency of modern lighting. Who does not love a higher efficiency? It all goes in almost everywhere you need it to be. Modern contemporary lighting solutions have been built with a close attention to efficiency and longevity. You do not have to replace your lights even two weeks simply because they fail too often – and you don’t have to break your bank accounts just to cash on the bill because of lighting, so take the efficiency route.

14 Dec

Five reasons you must buy Italian designs

When it comes to high quality lighting equipment and appliances, you are definitely looking for those that meet several thresholds to achieve your satisfaction mark of quality with them. Silently accepted yet not publicly mentioned, places of origin play a critical role in the average value, quality and perception of certain products – and more so true when it comes to lighting fixtures and related resources. Italian designs are some of the oldest, most popular and most loved brands in the light and lighting industry. But what really informs this large following for Italian designs? Is it sheer obsession people have with these brands or there are some tangible things that these equipment profess which others know not? We did some research and the results are tellingly right. Here are some of the top reasons.

Go exotic – there is this feel that Italian brands come with some sense of exoticism – a well done project imported from Italy. But Italy has been known for some of the most famed pieces in the world – from luxury watches to the best suites you would wish to wear around. There are those who loved pieces from Europe, some from Asia and others from Mexico – but going exotic can make your house look a little bit raunchy, pull up some surprises on your visitors and so and so forth.

The mark of quality? There are those who love Italian simply because it comes with the mark of quality, and they are right in that sense. Some of the most famed lighting pieces – especially chandeliers and antique lightings, were designed and made in Italy. Not just from the year before, but hundreds of years down the line craftsmen in Italy were already crafting and producing some of the world’s most respected brands. Some of these brands only produce their items from Italy, and if you still want to enjoy their products then you have no choice but to buy Italian.

You want an old design for your house? A good portion of them come from Italy. And when we are specifically speaking about some of the most loved and revered traditional art-ware then there are those parts opf the world that will throw up more of these pieces than the rest. One of these places is Italy. If you want the crystal lighting, vintage lighting, antique lighting and some chandelier designs that have outlived their makers the you can order some from Italy. It has some of the oldest.

Finally, popular brands make a better quick deal than the more little known brands that have no traction. Italian designs are much more popular, loved and revered in equal measure. These are not the kind of designs you will have to shop the whole day before you find what you want. They are much more available than a good number of other brands – making it easier for you and our designer to work out the whole theme once you have selected your pick for the day.

9 Dec

Top five French lighting options you must have

As house decor jumps from important to premium. Everyone is looking for a way to take the elegance of their room to the top of the game. Humans love light, and majority of their activities can only be done well under the illumination of a good beam of light. More so, light is part and parcel of any home establishment – and it goes largely unnoticed until it misses in action when people decry its absence. When it comes to sporting the best designs around the world, you always have to be on the forefront and in the know, lest you will be picking those out of fashion while people gear up for the newest brands. Here are some of the stellar pieces of French lighting that you must never miss.

Chandeliers – for as long as chandeliers continue to be loved by people of all divides, their value and place in home decor will continue to be of premium demeanor. But not all chandeliers make good centers of attraction. Perfectly put, all chandeliers are nice, but some are nicer than others, so you better pick the better. Grab yourself a piece of the French chandelier and hang it strategically in your living room to complement the stylish furnishings that you have invested in so heavily – after all you want to live in a comfy house.
French country pendant lights – the beauty of pendant lights, especially when several identical lights are hang at the same height in an architectural manner, is not one that can be rivaled so easily. They are yet to be rivaled any way. Get your stylish French pendant lights to hang above your new coffee table, or have them demarcating the hallway to shine your way as you move in. they are actually a good investment and will reward you back by handing you a spectacular view of the home.

Antique and vintage lighting are yet to lose touch and favor with home designers and architects. These traditional pieces are best for an adequately detailed interior, because they also come in with a good amount of their own detail. If you want to complement your French theme with good antique lights then it is just time you picked up your French vintage lights from the stores. You will love their unique and stylish glow – and above everything else they will reinforce and complement every other element of interior design if done the right way.

Finally, you have your lampshades to shield your eyes from direct rays of the lamp and help create some good ambience for the room. From fabric lampshades to contemporary materials, you can count on the countless shapes and designs that inform the French lampshades – all you need is to know your design and preferences, then you will land a deal. You are definitely looking for good quality lampshades, and the French lampshades have that mark, they have the mark of quality with them – there is no doubt about that.

4 Dec

Five key tips for cleaning fabric lamp shades

Every home owners loves the feel of sophistication and elegance in the house, with a combined soft touch on all architectural features. Lighting is one of those key things that can really transform the house into a stunning piece of decorated atmosphere, more so if you have the right equipment done the right way. Fabric lamp shades are some of the most loved on this front, and they so faithfully fulfill their mission when deployed rightly. Fabric lampshades are some of the more stellar pieces that can help you enjoy your illumination and create a remarkable ambience in the room – spectacularly and with much ease. But they also have an underside – they too get dirt and will from time to time need some deep, refreshing clean up. But where do you start when things reach this point? Here are a few tips

  • Start with local, home grown solutions – if the manufacturer specifications on your fabric lampshades so allow, you may need to look no further than your closets and cabinets to get them back cleaning and shinning again. From paint brushes to lint rollers and the vacuum cleaners, this can do a spectacular job without costing a penny. Do not forget about the hair dryers and gentle liquid soaps that can help you do a recommendable job on the pleats without compromising the integrity of the pleats.
  • Simple dusting – easy as it may sound, simple dusting can help you rid the fabric lampshades of the accumulating dust, especially in you live in areas that is dry and wind on most parts of the year. This is an especially important trick if you want to do some simple, quick cleaning of your lampshades within a short span of time. just ensure that you have a good machine for air blow and do not blow to hard until the pleats threaten to come off. It will lift out a good junk of the accumulated dust and debris. Even if you are headed for a complete wash, remember to start with dusting to ensure that some particles with not get rubbed by water and stick down in the base.
  • Advanced dusting with technology
    You can also move further and do the dusting with more advanced equipment to achieve even better results. A well trained stream of blowing air will lift off a large amount of dust and debris lodges in your lampshade and underneath the pleats. If you have a vacuum cleaner then it is going to do a good job for you, but you can also ensure that you keep the attachments handy on the side to ensure you can use them where specialized attention is needed.
  • Washing – You can also choose to get down with a light wash on fabric lampshades, but just be sure that the manufacturer specifications permit this. Remember to use a gentle soap – and do not attempt dish washer or laundry tough detergents for these may be very unforgiving on the fabrics.
1 Dec

Why you will love artemide lighting solutions

Any keen home owner, designer or architect knows the prime importance of lighting in a modern home. Lighting is so important that some of the professionals acquainted with its important role indicate that it can either make or break the whole décor and elegance of the home, so it must be treated with utmost caution and attention lest things fall apart. The artemide lighting brand was established several decades back in Italy by two respected craftsmen, who were known to produce some of the top tier lighting designs and systems at the time. Over time, this brand has grown to earn reputation and admiration with consumers all over the world, and to this day remains one of the most highly respected brands when it comes to sourcing lights.

The artemide brand is touted for its highly innovative, creative and revolutionary designs, as well as its passion and obsession with Italian designs and architectural work, sucking in some of the top talents in the industry to craft the best items for the market. It has been loved to such an extent that some of its products have earned themselves a permanent place in different respected museums as part of the most important artworks that must be preserved with all care. The products from artemide are worthy for different purposes, including indoor, outdoor and other forms of lighting needs.

The spectacular designs are one of the key reason you should consider artemide in your list of lighting solutions. Since its inception several decades ago, artemide has been associated with the development of some of the world’s best designs – some of which now stand as icons in the lightning industry. The firm not only innovates but also attracts some of the best creative minds to work on these pieces, ultimately ensuring success in every single item that it churns to the market.

The quality of items produced by artemide is one that is beyond reproach. A globally respected brand, quality is its second name and its sworn commitment. When it comes to lighting solutions, you not only want something that looks good but one that has a long life and can withstand a number of adverse conditions to continue serving you diligently. This definition is that of artemide and its products have proven themselves over the years. Simply put, the products under this brand have achieved the highest standard for quality – and will serve you as expected, or better beat those expectations for majority of the cases.

Finally, range and variety is what artemide promises you. You have almost everything you need for your lighting solutions with artemide products. Think about some of the best chandeliers an you have choices here, some of the world’s most beautiful floor lamps and the more revered pendant lights too. You can choose to have everylighitng solution in your house speak the language of quality and trust – and especially if you are a lover of Italian brands then I assure you will love artemide!

13 Nov

Restoring Lamps and Chandeliers

The Light Switch Miami is the place we meticulously rewire, repair, resurface, clean, and reestablish every one of your lights and lighting apparatuses. Our master group of refinishers, experts, polishers, and repairmen can take even the most drained old vintage light or antique lighting installation and take it back to its previous lighting transcendence. We offer a total line of services in light rewiring, revamping, cleaning, repair of broken parts, and finish lighting reclamation. Replacing old silk wiring in antique installations is a forte at The Light Switch. More