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  • Murano Crystal

    the crystal chandeliers are cut ways to diffuse the lights intelligent  sela and makes the maximum power this is simply majestic, Italien prestige.use always to give the best of luxury . This is not blown by an automatic machine that is why that it is all different .I can do anything if you give me time,of small crystals along the very large of small, any form.

    crystal di o by Murano , murano é in Italy near venice o vicino , ci sono stato di persona,  aller voir personnellement très intéressant . light Murano know by everyone everywhere.

    it is a precise mixture of sand and lead.

  • Picture Light

    Picture Lights are made to fit on top of a frame and provide warm even light for a photo or painting.

  • Flush

    Flush mounted  fixture on the celing whitout chain

  • Floor Lamps

    You can explore all the kind of floor lamp in our online store, you can choice one. you can come its free. a floor lamp that is a light bulb mounted on a elegant tube of 150 cm to 2100 cm often it is possible to oriented referred to those that we want .Excellent for giving a lounge atmosphere.With sometimes futuristic or more traditional design,CONTEMPORARY,extra modern or ultra modern, You can buy online or to come in our store, in north not be sad if you don't like it I pay you without hesitation.

  • Chandeliers

    Chandelier's are available in either incandescent or led or halogen, 110v or 12 volt.

    Modern, transitional or traditional.  American standard socket and wire USA 


    dare to try a chandelier home north miami for people warned only !!!

    we have many types available ,see me if you need advice , swarovski,baccarat,light and fixtures lamps light,

    we have all kind of canopy in all colors chrom gold silver etc....

    we are the number one about lithing fixture, in shoroom free,

    you can come pick up in our store when you want,

    the chandeliers was installed in European castles or manor, still today.

    photos not the beauty of chandeliers because we are not reflect the photographer but of lighting designer, come to see.Do not be a prisoner of the ideas of others.

  • Track Lighting

    Track lighting is a unique way of  illuminating a wall or room using the ceiling. Simply install the electrical track and then plug the light heads into the track.

  • Pendant

    pendant :


    the advantage is to allow for precise pointing what we want

    whit long cable or rigid rod , we have all model and all size,

    available in  way or  way or whit dimmer , chose your colors

  • table lamps

    Table lamps are the perfect accessory for your room. They add both beauty and light.

  • Desk Lamps

    Desk lamps are used to illuminate a specific area of a table. They are available in halogen or LED.


    is smarter than the other team out of my LED bulb,you will win 3 times, the first it consumes less than an ordinary bulb it much more enlightened, it does not heat or very can and therefore less work your AC. you can do it , call me and take about information.

    so make the first step and you will happy fast , why wait ? come new we are here at the store in north Miami, just 4 you , so go !stops losing money



    my led bulbs it's easy using  doesn't require needs  any conversion supplied with standard American socket, controlled by our technicians. longlife . for people clover only .

    application : hotel or home or market etc ...........

    we make deliveries with our own vehicles to ensure the speed and seriousness of our reputation , yes that it ,

    for example if you have a 40w bulb old  you can replace it with a 5watts bulb, which does not heat !!!!

    if is 50 waats you can repalce it with 6 W . Usually the time to recover the investment is 2 years .Very good investment .

    just try our shop on 123 street, stops losing money!!!

    everywhere everytime when you like,

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items