Creativity and Hybridization - the Secret Beauty of Custom Lampshades

The love of natural materials and light can be expressed in different ways.

Wood is a natural material, warm and comfortable to look and touch also can be used in the design of home decorations or wooden lampshades, which are made of linen, silk or fiber. We can make custom Lampshades to your specifications.

Given the characteristics of these widely accepted materials, they are used in the manufacture of furniture, floors, and even walls. Besides, it can be formed, redrafted, and painted to do a lot of things.

Often but not always, light sources with wooden parts look different from traditional forms. Whether it's used for table, flooring, or wall lights, or what we're focusing on today, Custom Lampshades, it looks fun if it's made from logs, dry branches, or wooden strips tied with ropes. Ideas are too many and seem appealing when you consider the possibility of using raw wood or processed in some way, painted, dried, adjoining, or stuffed and other methods.

Lampshades are not just a source of lighting, but a fundamental decorative piece that adds to the beauty of the place more cheer and chic also, the lengths and shapes vary depending on where they are placed.

•    Long Lampshade:

It is a good source of lighting distribution and is a distinctive piece of decor to add elegance to your room, and this piece is preferred to put in the living room, next to the seats and sofa, so that the light glow warmth in the most sitting in the house.

•    Short Lampshade:

The short lampshade is placed on one of the tables and looks practical for the bedroom to put on the bedside, preferably the two pieces are similar, so that they are coordinated and given a unique shape of the room, and the lampshade is often used in reading or to provide dim light.

•    Lampshade Your Home Entrance:

Do not forget to attract the eye is the first step that highlights the beauty of your home, by putting one lampshade as a decorative piece next to your house entrance.

As you can see, using Custom Lampshades is a must, to make your home's chic and beautiful, it's effortless to both make it at home using materials that are easy to buy or buy from stores and choose from many models everywhere.