Subtle facts about Lamp Shades that give you the best lighting 

A lampshade is made to protect your eyes from the full glare of the bulb because staring at a bulb may be uncomfortable or even harmful to the eyes in extreme cases. So, the light build is a shield for our eyes. 

Lamp shades were also designed to diffuse light from the bulb to other parts of the room.

Now, let us check a few case studies

Floor Lamp

A floor lamp employs the use of fabric with a loose weave to reduce a large amount of light coming from the bulb. It restricts view only to flow from the bottom and the top of its shade, hence allowing you to read with diffused light from the ceiling and the well- diffused light from the shadow.

In this case, your eyes are protected from light while you are walking or sitting while you still get sufficient lighting to read. Cool right?

Table Lamp

Ok, let us talk about a table lamp; just like its close relative, the light of a table lamp gets directed mainly by its shade. Only a minute amount of light finds its way through the shade’s weave. 

The light is so controlled to flow at an angle such that it permits light to be directed over a larger surface area.

As much as the height and width of the lamp might be crucial in this case, the size of the shade also matters. A bell shade or a drum shade will give more uniform lighting than a square shade which will have much more concentration.

Task lights

Now, what if I want to concentrate light to a particular point? Then, task lights are a close call.Smaller light shades like the bell shade help concentrate lights to a particular portion of space while reducing the impact of light in the remaining part of the area. Simple examples like the bedtime reading light with a squared shade, table reading lamp are but few examples.

Bell shades Pendant shade

Very close to the bell shades is the pendant shades. Both have a circular cross-section and can be used either to concentrate the light of diffuse it as you wish.

 The pendant lamp shade, however, is closed at the top, which makes it light focus only downwards. 

The bell shade with a shiny surface also reflects light in the room to reach ambiance. 

Restaurant Lighting

Next time you eat out, you might want to check out a restaurants lighting 

There are lots of cues to take from restaurants, and there are ways they concentrate light to ensure comfort and visibility for their customers while eating while they still maintain a significant ambiance in the room for relaxation. They sometimes also have scones on the wall with lampshades that concentrate light on the floor for secure and safe passage in and out of the restaurant. This sure is a work of art.

You can make a fashion statement or a decoration statement with whichever lamp shade you use, browse our collection of different shades from bell shades to drum shade to square shades, rectangular shades, and many more.