Everything you Need to Know about Oval Lamp Shades

The use of lamp shades for proper light diffusion dates back to the late 17th century. Since then, this invention has continued to witness multiple advancements that are marked mainly by modification in shape, material, fitters, design and specific purposes. 

However, change of shapes have been the earliest and most marked modification of the lamp shades and there are about three main basic shapes of lampshades: drum or cylindrical-shaped lamp shades, bell-shaped lampshades and empire-shape lampshades

These are shapes when viewed transversely as a solid shape. However, when they are viewed from top or below, they also have different forms which include square, rectangle, hexagonal, cut-corner, and oval shapes.

Although, in this post, we will be focusing on the oval shades and there are many things you would want to know about lampshades that are oval, round, or cylindrical in shape but here we will give you everything you need to know.

Oval shades are best described as lampshades where the width of the lamp shades (horizontally) is longer than the width (vertically) when viewed from top and bottom. Basically, it has an ovular form instead of the round/circular form when viewed from the top or bottom. They are narrower than deeper.

Styles of Oval Shades

Oval shades feature in a variety of styles, and we will list out some here.

•    Drum Oval Shades: These oval shades have the ovular form when viewed from the top or below. However, the “drum effect” affects how it looks. The conventional drum-shaped shades have almost a uniform diameter from top to bottom, and that is how these oval shades look like.

•    Bell Oval Shades: These also come in the conventional bell-shape. However, the contour at both the narrow top and the broader bottom has the ovular form.

•    Inverted-Corner Shades: These shades also look like the bell lamp shade. However, the corners of the shade are convex or inverted. Still yet, the top and bottom contour has an oval shape.

•    Race-Track Oval Shades: These shades look like the empire-shape lampshades. However, they not just elliptical from top to bottom, the head is very narrow when compared to the broad base.

•    Others include French oval shade, Shallow-bell oval shade, and Cylindrical, oval shade to mention a few,

When to use Oval Shades?

Oval shades are best used in two situations.

•    When there’s limited lamp space: Oval shades are narrower than deeper, and so they fit into tight spaces such as an entryway, or when the lamp has to go into a corner.

•    When the lampstand is oval or has oval designs: It is best always to use shades that match the lampstand design.

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