The attractive rectangle lampshade

The modern rectangle shades can be used in more than one room in your home. They add an attractive touch to the decor. Continue this article will focus on the rectangle lampshade.

It is known that lighting has a significant role in the house, as artificial lighting is always an alternative to natural light in the night time. Also, artificial lighting is available in different colors and wattages, making it suitable for all areas of houses. 

Various models of rectangle shades

There are many forms of modern lighting. For example, there are multiple designs of the lampshade, including stylish designs and classical designs, and there are numerous designs for lamps and candlesticks reflect the appearance of chic in the house.

You can add a lampshade to more than one room in the house. It is mainly located in the main bedrooms. It is also found in the children's bedrooms. It is also found in the living rooms and saloon rooms, but each room has its own decoration and atmosphere, which suits the ambiance of each room. 

The rectangular lampshades are made of metal models,wood-designed models, crystal models, and a rectangular lampshade with a variety of accessories such as beads that are eye-catching and add a great look to the decor. 

The lampshade is also available in different sizes. There is a lampshade with a low base, it is suitable for the bedrooms so that it can be placed on the sides of the bed, and a lampshade with a medium base, which is ideal for the decoration of the salon rooms can be added on both sides of the leading sofa of the salon.

There is also a lampshade with a long standthat fits the living room atmosphere and can be added to the dining rooms. It has a beautiful and attractive appearance that does not occupy much space. It reflects a good light that suits both places. 

To complete the decor of your home you need to choose a lampshade in color to suit the decor of each room of your home, and the lampshade available in the market at varying prices and therefore can choose from them commensurate with your budget.

The designers have created elegant models of the modern rectangle lampshade, where a lampshade is available, designed from empty metal circles. It adds an attractive and charming touch, uniquely if placed in the living room. 

There are also designs of lampshades with unusual shapes reflecting the elegant feel of the decor of the house. There are many light fixtures that fit rooms with large spaces. Designers also create attractive forms of lamp shades designed to look like of branches of old trees.

The rectangular shade adds more attractive touches to the addition of colored illuminations such as red, yellow, or blue. It reflects the dazzling appearance of the room decor. Because many people love bamboo, the decorators have created exquisite forms of bamboo lampshades. They reflect the warm atmosphere of the house.