Clip-on Lampshades - review and 10 buying tips

Clip-on’s are shades that mount on top of the bulb. Unlike standard shades they do not need a harp or finial because shade does not have a spider on top. Clip on shades are made to work with either candelabra or medium base bulbs.

The lampshade is vital for each room. It is used in the bedrooms for quiet lighting and also a decorative piece beside the beds. It is used for living in the corner lighting and is used in the living room to give a chic and luxurious appearance.

Clip-on shades have different colors, designs, and sizes to suit all opinions and needs according to the size of the place, and the style of decoration of modern or classic.

No matter where one places the lampshade, it certainly works to highlight the interior of your home. Whether small or large, as well as providing enough light in the dark corner of the house

Points to consider when buying a clip-on lampshade:

-    If it is a modern style for both decoration, furniture, colors and colors, choose a modern lampshade of different shapes and sizes, but when all you want is classic, it should be in classic forms.

-    When selecting the color of the lampshade, if the color of the furniture is dark, we choose a light color for the lampshade, and vice versa if the furniture is light, and the same for the colors of the walls if light we choose dark, and if it is dark we choose bright colors for the lampshade.

-    Consider the size of the lampshade for space and type of room, meaning the large lampshade does not fit the bedrooms, but the reception room, and the large lampshade not suitable for the bedrooms, but also ideal for the reception room.

-    When choosing a lampshade, consider the height of the furniture on which the lampshade is placed.

-    The height of the lampshade should not be more than 1.5 times the height of the table.

-    The cover of the lampshade that has a cylindrical shape looks trendy, but the conical looks more conventional one can get based on these differences.

-    The diameter of the lampshade must not exceed the table width.

-    When using a table lamp for lighting, it is better to choose a transparent cover, such as made of fabric, or light-colored glass. The wide-angle reflector will spread light to the bottom, which is suitable for the reading lamp.

-    A short or small lampshade is ideal for small tables, while long, large lamps are better suited to large surfaces. For example, if you want to put the lampshade on the buffet table or other narrow surfaces, it is preferable to be short. In the case of a small console or a small nesting table, along candlestick can be the best choice.

-    The lampshade can be a stronger design element when there is a higher contrast in colors between the color of the lampshade and the color of the walls or the colors of the room.